Here at House of Intuition, we get a chance to know you all well so we wanted to give you an opportunity to get to know us! I interviewed one of our loving healers about her life so you can have an inside look at what led her to be a healer and how she deals with what life throws her way. We are all about building a community here and you can meet Harriet in her weekly Sunday meditation called 'A Star Guided Meditation' at 11am at our Echo Park location or book a reading or healing with her. She is also starting an 8 week Intuitive Tarot class on Sunday March 19 at 6pm! Check out more about that class by clicking this link. This would be a great class for anyone looking to learn to give readings or use cards for yourself. 
Q: Where did you grow up?

I grew up on the upper east side of Manhattan New York

Q: Were you always into magic?

I was ALWAYS INTO MAGIC! Since I was a little baby. In the Disney movies it wasn't the princesses I was obsessed with, it was the fairy godmother, or the three good fairies! I mean I used to carry around chopsticks from the Chinese delivery and pretend it was a very dainty magic wand, cascading with sparkles in its wake. I knew that magic was very much real and I could manifest when I was pretty young, and I knew about nature, even though I grew up surrounded by concrete. I felt air, listened to fairies, spoke to ravens, and conversed with my dead grandparents. I just knew, It was totally a thing.

Q:What does a white witch mean?

Well a Witch to me is an independent woman of fire. She's a creatrix and a shaman. She knows light, she knows dark, she knows death and she knows life. She is a woman (a wizard is a man) but she possesses no gender, because she is the incarnation of divine unity. That's how she performs her magic! She controls and hovers over the rhythms of nature like a protective mother. And a white witch works with only 100% pure white light frequency, which I do. The girl can't help it!

 Q: What's your favorite tarot deck?

Yeesh I can't answer that question, that's like asking the octomom who's her favorite child! The deck used depends on the situation. Some work better for love, like my Morgan Greer deck just loves to talk about love! And Then there's decks for like cutting through the BS such as the famous Thoth Deck (which is too intense for me to even use on clients, like seriously it hurts feelings!) I use a deck for a month straight or a retrograde or a significant amount of time on everyone, till I get tired of it and then I'll put it back on the shelf and start with a different one. Each deck gives your readings a fresh vision and language.

Q: How do you find peace when you're feeling off?

Well first of all I assess the situation. Am I feeling off because I'm separate, or am I feeling off because I'm the same as everybody else. If I truly feel separate then I'm fearful of something and then I try to walk towards the fear which is not always comfortable, but I've gotten better at it. It's been a long road believe me, and I'm not perfect. Sometimes the best thing you can do is eat some potato chips and just feel it! You notice the closer to God you become the shorter the episodes of feeling off are and they become more manageable. Usually I listen to my heartbeat and remember that my blood flows without me having to think about it, my body breathes without me having to think about it and that's peace. That's what peace is. Potato chips work sometimes too though!

Q: What advice do you have for someone just starting out in metaphysics?

What you are drawn to is what you should use. It's all based on what you see and feel with your gut, so trust it. If you're drawn to rose quartz, that's what you're supposed
to be working with. Simple as that. Your "gut" is a reflection of whatever created the universe, the primordial energy of the creator. So when you follow your gut, you're following a message far higher than yourself. Hence the message of House Of Intuition.

Q: When did you really notice your intuition and clairvoyance?

I noticed just being empathic. I felt grown ups being drunk, I felt them happy I felt them sad, I felt them in ecstasy, I felt what they were going through. I also had visitations with my namesake grandfather, and grandmother after her passing when I was 6. They would show me things tell me things. In retrospect it sounds weird but it was just normal. That's why it's kind of a funny question. It's like asking "When did you first notice you could see?" I dunno when I opened my eyes for the first time.

Q: How did you make your clairvoyance stronger?

Conceptually it's simple: clairvoyance means clear vision. It gets stronger the more you let go of the blockages that prevent it from coming in. I've just honed the ability to shed my exterior like a snake and allow the layers of "me" to peel away so I can gain a stronger connection to spirit to hopefully help people. It's a skill, but anyone can do it with applied will. Clairvoyance is as old as time. It's the work of nuns and priests, but not everyone wants to be a nun or a priest!

Q: If you could give only one piece of advice, what would it be?

Be unapologetic in how much you love yourself.

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