Top 7 HOI Products That Calm Anxiety

Anxiety is something we need tools to manage. Here at HOI our mission is to be a spiritual detox center. We offer tools for your emotional management so you can attract the life you truly desire by keeping your vibe high and positive! Here are our top 5 products that help to calm anxiety. There’s no need to live with anxiety when there are simple remedies to relieve it. These 6 items would make a great care package!

  1. Calm Organic Spray - This calming blend offers quick relief for an anxious mind. It is comprised of nature’s most calming oils of sage, lavender and geranium. A couple spritzes when you’re at work or in the car will shift you to a peaceful place. The base is distilled water.                    
  2. Tranquilize Bath Bomb - This product is handmade by the HOI family. It is reiki infused and contains a blend of calming essential oils. You can place it in your bath or shower floor for an aromatherapy session. Your nerves will feel soothed by the scents and your muscles will relax with the heat.
  3. Vanilla Incense - This scent is warm and gives you a cozy feeling. It helps adjust the energy in your space inviting in serenity and happiness. They say this scent connects you to the energy of Venus which is the planet of love.
  4. Glow Scrub - The perfect blend of amber, vanilla and epsom salt will help you feel more loving towards yourself. Much of our anxiety can come from putting unnecessary pressure on ourselves or not celebrating our own successes. Rubbing these oils on your skin infuses them into your body, letting the muscles let go.
  5. Positivity Candle -  Candle magic is an ancient intention setting practice that works with the element of fire to bring into your life certain qualities. You can write your intention to feel happy and calm under the candle and light the candle with that intention. Experiment with it and notice how your energy shifts! Our staff personally prepares each positivity candle after we get it from our small local candle maker.
  6. Amethyst Crystal Necklace - This specific crystal is known to help banish anxiety. It produces negative ions which calm your nervous system. Wearing it on your body can help you feel at ease throughout the day. There are a few varieties of amethyst ascension stone necklaces and they are made locally by hand in Venice.
  7. Lavender Essential Oil - It’s no secret that this is one of the most calming plants on the planet. Our pure grade essential oils are organic and non diluted and we are happy to offer them at very low prices for you. Put some behind your ears, on your temples or the inside of your wrists.

We love hearing the stories of how these products help people and can’t wait to hear more. Remember that a healthy diet, regular sleep, sunshine, positive affirmations, deep slow breathing and daily movement will also help to produce endorphins that keep your anxiety at bay. The quality of our food and the care we offer our body will make a big difference in our emotional state. Finally, meditation is a ‘product’ that is invaluable for anxiety. Check out our many meditation classes or kundalini yoga and meditation classes on our calendar. My favorite music for meditation and feeling called is Hemi Sync which you can find on Spotify or download on iTunes. It changes your brainwave state from beta (active) to theta (calm and relaxed). 

With Love, House of Intuition

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