Healing and Prayer Circle for Group Intention Setting: Sigils and Herb List

Thank you everyone who attended our Healing and Prayer Circle today on May 9, 2020.  Many of our clients have requested to learn more about the herbs we used during our circle today so we have compiled the list of the herbs at the end of the article.  And we also have a few sigils that per Kelly was shareable to the group so they may utilize them too.



For our first sigil, the intention was to send loving energy to the client’s children. With this sigil,  write it on a white piece of paper, hold it to your forehead, visualize the children being healthy and protected, then carefully burn the paper in a fire safe container to activate this sigil.


For the second sigil, this is used to help stand in your own energy, assists in sending negative energy back to where it came from, and to help with luck and finances. This one can be used by tracing the sigil on your wallet, shoes, front and back doors, front and back door mats. 



The third sigil assists when self love and compassion are needed. Trace this rune over you when you need that energy.



The fourth sigil is used to help channel healing energy into you and your space. Write this sigil on a piece of white paper in black or green ink, then place it between your hands in your palms so your fingertips touch the opposite forearm, and hold it in your hands for seven minutes. 


Herb list:

Rosemary: fantastic for healing and peaceful energy

Rosehips: used for abundance and healing

Oregano: warding off negative energy

Basil: protection and peace with the home

Dandelion: Enhancing intuition and healing in some traditions

Lemongrass: Cleansing energy

Lavender: Loving, peaceful energy 

Sage: Cleansing energy

Salt: Cleansing and protection

Self-Heal: Healing and empowerment

Boneset: Healing and rejuvenating

Burdock: Healing and enhancing energy

Angelica: Blessings especially for the home and healing

Agrimony: Cleanses negative energy off of a person

Orris: Empowering for feminine energies and loving energy

Deer’s Tongue: Enhancing communication and sweetening communication

Balm of Gilead: Reconciliation of relationships

Cedar: Cleansing and protection

Peony: Healing and empowerment

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