The Hidden Nature of the Amazonite Crystal

Amazonite really is nothing short of amazing, as it does so many different things. Amazonite is typically known as a Throat Chakra & Heart Chakra stone and helps us to see what it is that is in our hearts so that we can nurture ourselves. Oftentimes, we are drawn to Amazonite when we are looking for nurture or truth, but we also turn to Amazonite when we need guidance on how to approach a situation without being aggressive while in discussions with others or ourselves. It helps us to facilitate a journey to express our emotions, even the ones we don't want to face sometimes. Amazonite opens up communication from a loving pure place. Its beautiful blue tones inspire calmness and connection. This connection to the Heart and Throat Chakras also extends up into the Third eye, activating your intuition especially when you need clarity. Below are some additional benefits and ways to use Amazonite as well as cleansing suggestions.


In certain circles, physical healing can be complemented with crystal therapy to assist in more of a holistic approach of marrying both modern medicine with energetic medicine.  Amazonite in these circles can be used for:

  • it helps alcoholics in recovery to detox
  • releases emotional tension in the physical body
  • great for joint pain and carpal tunnel
  • helps to regulate metabolic frequencies

Of course, we do not recommend using crystals as therapy in lieu of modern medicine but rather as another method to heal with the addition of medicine.


Amazonite can be cleansed with different herbs such as Mugwort, Sweetgrass, White Sage, Shasta Sage, Pine, Cedar, or Juniper. A tuning fork or singing bowl can also cleanse it with sound if you prefer this method or are sensitive to smoke.


Here are a few additional ways to use Amazonite:

  • place on your altar next to any candles with the intention of embodying your truth, facing yourself, or communication with high vibrational frequencies and beings
  • meditate with it to discover where you are not being honest with yourself
  • meditate with one when you need a reminder to walk, talk, and speak your truth
  • hold against your throat when you feel like speaking aggressively as it will help calm your communication and allows it to flow from a place of compassion and is not received harshly
  • place one under your pillow to open a line of truthful communication with your higher self through dreamwork.
  • keep one on you when writing resolutions, personal goals, or affirmations so you write what you really want to with courage and honesty, making it a wonderful tool for self explorative journaling
  • place on an altar to increase any magickal workings that involve personal healing, rituals for enlightenment, shadow work, clarity, or balance
  • great stone for older children as it helps to embody their own boundaries and truths 
  • when used or carried it also serves as a reminder to speak our truth


There are so many ways to use the amazing crystal that is Amazonite; these are just the tip of the iceberg.

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