How to Choose the Healing Modality That’s Right for You



With so many different healing modalities to choose from, many of us have questions about what the differences are. Energy healing is a broad field encompassing numerous traditions and techniques, so we try to reflect this reality by offering a variety of modalities. Our healers specialize in Middle Pillar, Reiki, Shamanic Illumination, and Sacred Well healing. For full details on each of the modalities, read more on our Healing page


To understand the differences between the modalities, it’s good to know how they are similar first. All energy healing treatments will follow a similar structure. The healer will start by scanning your energy field and identifying areas that need work. There are numerous ways to scan even within a single modality, so all healers will have their own preferred method. Next, the healer will cleanse your energy field of intrusive energy. Finally, the healer will charge your energy field with fresh, revitalizing energy. A treatment usually begins and ends with a conversation about the problem in question.


So the purpose and results of all the modalities are identical in that they are all ways of examining, cleansing and charging your luminous energy field. The differences occur in culture and cosmology. 


The primary difference between the world’s many healing modalities is cultural. Healing traditions developed in Japan are going to use completely different languages, metaphors and methods than traditions developed in the Americas. We offer modalities from three distinct cultural traditions to cover as broad a scope as we can. 


Our Middle Pillar healing is from the Western magical tradition in the lineage of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and has deep roots in Qabalistic & Hermetic philosophy. Reiki, developed in Japan by monk Mikao Usui, is steeped in Buddhism. The Shamanic Illumination process is a synthesis of techniques found among the indigenous tribes of the Americas, and is grounded in the animist philosophy of the shamans. Our Sacred Well healing is a combination of Reiki, Shamanic healing, and other modalities. 


If you are immediately drawn to one of these cultural backgrounds or philosophies, then that culture’s healing modality would be a good choice for you. 


The next major difference between modalities is in cosmology: the description of the universe that the healing modality is based upon. For example, in some Asian traditions, there are three main energy centers in the belly, chest and forehead, whereas the more popular Indian traditions describe seven major energy centers, commonly known as the chakras, while the shamans describe eight centers. Some cultures use the meridian system which recognizes dozens of points all over the body called meridians—these are the basis for acupuncture and the acupressure massages we offer at the Echo Foot Lounge


The Hermetic description of the energy body will differ slightly from the Reiki perspective, which will differ slightly from the Shamanic description. All descriptions are essentially getting at the same thing, but there may be nuances and details that are contradictory. 


If you already ascribe to a particular metaphysical cosmology, you should try the healing method that fits with that. So if you’re drawn to the Native American perspective on nature, energy and spirits, then the Shamanic Illumination is a good choice, whereas if you are steeped in witchcraft and the Western occult, a Middle Pillar may be more resonant. 


But what if you’re not attached to any particular culture or cosmology? In that case, it’s best to browse through our healer bios and make your decision based on the healer and not the modality. You’ll connect with some healers better than others, so by checking out their bios and taking a look at their pictures, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about who you’d like to work with. If one of our healers immediately jumps out at you as someone inspiring or interesting, then take that as your sign.  


If you are suffering from chronic pain, depression or some other loss of personal power, visit one of our healers today and get the treatment you need. You can learn more about our healing modalities here

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