Magic Journals, Book of Shadows


Come check out our awesome collection of magical journals. From handcrafted leather-bound beauties to simple pocket notebooks, we have an array of unique journals to suit all tastes and needs.  


Keeping a book of shadows is essential for anyone practicing magic. Record your rituals & recipes, document meaningful magical experiences, and keep track of spells you’ve cast and how they’re doing. Journaling is also crucial for anyone trying to remember & interpret their dreams which is the first step in practicing lucid dreaming or dream yoga. If you practice shamanic journeying, it’s probably wise to write down your experiences in non-ordinary reality so they’re easier to remember. Or just use a dedicated notebook to keep a good ole fashioned gratitude list. 


If you’re looking for a powerful way to focus your magical practice, look no further. And if you need a great gift for that magical gypsy in your life, a gorgeous leather journal may be just what they need.  

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