In honor of tonight’s New Moon in Gemini, here is a simple (yet highly effective) way to dip your toes into crystal essence-infused waters for those who may be unfamiliar with the art of making gemstone essences.


The best way I can describe “what” a gemstone essence is, is to have you think of it as a highly vibrational water that’s full of invaluable information, healing powers, and enlightenment. When you take a tumbled gemstone and ask it to share its sacred knowledge with you, you are initiating in deeper act of getting to know the crystal directly (vs. simply placing it on your altar). This may change depending on intention, gemstone property, or when you decide to charge an essence, but the core belief of paying the utmost respect to the crystal should never change. And before we begin, if you want to learn even more about this specific New Moon in Gemini and how it’s likely going to affect you, head over to HOI.TV and listen to Andrew Martin’s brilliant New Moon in Gemini meditation ritual now!

What you’ll need to make the New Moon Gemini Gemstone Essence:

1 Mason Jar (or any glass jar with a lid)

1-2 Tumbled Stones (I’m using Green Aventurine and Moonstone)

An outside area or a window that gets direct sunlight/moonlight

1 Dropper Bottle

Apple Cider Vinegar


First, start by cleansing your tumbled stones—and please make sure you’re only using tumbled stones for making gemstone essences and that you double check that the stones you’re using are safe (see: non-toxic) for ingesting.

Next, place your crystals in your (cleansed) hands and take a moment to meditate with them. Ask them to share their healing properties with you, set an intention with them, and let them know how you’re feeling on this New Moon so they can begin to guide you. (I personally like to do this with stones that have already been charging on my altar.)

When you feel ready, place the stones at the bottom of your Mason Jar, fill it up with only purified or distilled water, and then tightly secure the lid. I find it helpful to mark my essences with a sticker so I can remember the date, Moon phase, and gemstones used, but this is optional. For this New Moon in Gemini, I decided to use Green Aventurine—for luck, manifesting new wealth, and embracing change—as well as Moonstone—for inner strength, emotional support, and psychic power. Both are great crystal allies for Gemini energy, and using two stones instead of one for this essence is my way of honoring the dual-sides of the twins.

Now, the next step is up to you: I personally like to charge my gemstone essences all day in the sunlight, and then all night in the moonlight—I’ll even do this for up to 72 hours depending on the specific lunar phase I’m honoring. I would say the minimum time to charge your essence would be 6 hours, and a max time would be 72 hours, but please do whatever your intuition is guiding you to do—there really isn’t a “wrong” way to let them charge, just feel it out and trust your gut. You’ll know when they’re ready. (And since it’s been rainy and gloomy here in New Orleans, for the sake of these photos I’m letting it charge on my window altar, although I normally charge them outside in my garden.)

When your essence has finished charging, try not to make any direct contact with the water, as you don’t want to shift its energy with your own energetic frequency (meaning: do not stick your hand in the water when it’s done, it will taint the essence completely). This is my method: I like to carefully take the lid off, and then start slowly pouring the gemstone essence into dropper bottles, but only filling them ½ way up with the essence. Depending on the size of your Mason Jar, you can produce anywhere between 2-10+ bottles worth of crystal essence. Since I don’t drink alcohol, I like to fill the remaining ½ up with Apple Cider Vinegar—but if you prefer to use an alcohol substitute, or a different non-alcoholic substitute like vegetable glycerin, to each their own! It’s your crystal essence after all, so please use whatever base you prefer.

Since I normally use Apple Cider Vinegar, I love putting a few drops of the gemstone essence into my water, juice, iced coffee, etc. in the morning and then consume as needed throughout the day. Some people even use the gemstone essence as an anointing water, altar water, or cleansing water for their home, so feel free experiment with your own creations! New Moon’s are a wonderful time to harness creative energy and explore new ideas, so whether you’re picking up a new hobby (like, making gemstone essences!) or invoking your own power (by...making gemstone essences!), in the spirit of lovely Gemini, please make sure you’re having fun with it. And if you do make your own gemstone essence tonight, please tag us on Instagram @houseofintuition and show us your beautiful, magical creations.


Blessed New Moon to all!


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