Inside Our Happy Birthday Cancer Box Collaboration with Tuesday Bassen!

If you didn’t already know, every astrological season we team up with an artist and/or healer to curate our beloved (and highly sought after) Happy Birthday Zodiac Boxes—and although picking a “favorite” one is nearly impossible for us to do, we must admit that this one tops the (astrological) charts for us. *Drum roll*, please: We’re stoked to announce that we have collaborated with local LA-based artist, illustrator, designer, and proud Cancerian—the one and only Tuesday Bassen—for our amazing, watery Happy Birthday Cancer Box!


Tuesday Bassen is one of the few designers out there who makes it their personal mission to create size-inclusive (her line ranges between XXS-5XL), ethically-sourced (using mostly deadstock vintage material), and badass (see: everything she makes) clothing and accessories nowadays. After years of battling with mainstream corporations who’ve ripped off her work, directing her own clothing ads for a generation yearning to be properly represented by the fashion industry, and hustling her water-sign claws off (literally—she has the best nail game), Bassen has finally opened up her first-ever brick and mortar storefront in Los Angeles! Located at 1292 Sunset Blvd. (a hop, skip, and a jump down the road from House of Intuition, FYI), Bassen has shown that hard work, perseverance, and originality outshine any obstacle thrown at her with her booming female-owned and -operated business. Needless to say, it was our honor to partner with Bassen on this box, so let’s dive in and discuss what she curated especially for it!


First up, we have the limited-edition House of Intuition x Tuesday Bassen Cancer Birthday Magic Candle! “The inspiration for my illustration was a combination of the tropic of Cancer star and a crab, all wrapped up in a celestial vibe,” Bassen tells us. “Light this candle on your birthday or whenever you’re feeling crabby to invoke some magic!” And if you’re digging her illustration on the candle as much as we are, make sure to check out her brand-new Clambake collection which just launched, which features dresses and skirts with the same tropic of Cancer star and crab designs on them.


Next, we obviously had to include something from Bassen’s line, so we picked out the Tuesday Bassen Keep Out! Pin because it felt appropriately like a Cancer’s #mood: “What can I say? This pin is just the perfect mood for anyone with a crabby exterior.”


Bassen also chose the House of Intuition Purify & Renew Scrub to include in the box as well, an ideal way for any water sign to enjoy their self-care time in the bath. “I picked this body scrub to encourage giving yourself a little TLC, both by caring for your body and giving yourself the time you need to recenter, especially for a sign that loves to give it all away.” Formulated with raw sugar, epsom salt, coconut and olive oils, and essential oils of sweet orange, peppermint, and grapefruit, this multi-use scrub will make you glow all over thanks to its purifying and magical properties.


Another item that you can use in the bath, place on your altar, or carry around with you is a Clear Quartz Tumble stone that Bassen was eyeing. “This master healer crystal is great for recharging after being in the outside world, which is great for Cancer energy since we love feeling safe at home.”


And what better way to cleanse said crystal than with some beautiful sticks of Inca Incense? “This rosemary incense reminds me of home because I have a rosemary bush near my front door. It’s a comfy, yet lively scent and makes me feel relaxed.” Simply place a stick in a fire or heat-safe incense holder, light and keep the flame lit for a few seconds, and then gently blow it out. These sticks burn for a longer period of time than conventional incense sticks do, so feel free to extinguish and save some for later, if desired.


Last but certainly not least is a Journal with a piece of lapis lazuli on the front that Bassen chose to tie back in with her Keep Out! Pin for the box. “Don’t keep it bottled up, draw or express yourself through writing! We are one of the most creative signs in the zodiac, after all.” And if anyone follows Bassen’s work closely, they’ll know how exceedingly true that statement is.


And that’s the box! But we also have the House of Intuition x Tuesday Bassen Cancer Birthday Magic Candle available for purchase by itself if you’re interested in picking up just the candle, or if you need one (or two, three…) backups after you burn up your first one. Both the box and the candle by itself make for the perfect birthday gift for that favorite Cancer in your life (even if that favorite Cancer is yourself). Trust us, we’d stock up on them now before they’re gone forever—remember, these boxes are limited-edition and have limited quantities!


We’d like to give one final big thank you to the lovely Tuesday Bassen for collaborating on this box with us, and another big thank you to all of HOI’s customers out there who have been loving these special boxes each month! Each of these boxes directly supports the artist and/or healer we collaborate with, and it’s our mission to continue serving our community with these fun (and magical!) partnerships. See below for our past birthday box collaborations, and stay tuned for our Leo box coming out next!


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