Here are our Top Holiday Gift Picks

The end of the year is a great time for remembering friends and family - or even yourself! Here are our favorite gift ideas.

Enchanted Magic Candle & Gift Boxes
We just released our Enchanted Magic Candle in a limited edition special run for the holiday season. We also created two gift boxes- a large and small version- which include the Enchanted Candle, a crystal, and a few other delights to inspire magic, gratitude and universal love! The perfect gift for the people in your life you most want to cuddle up with this season.


HOI New Year Magic Candle
We have a really good feeling about 2019 and are ready for a shift in energy. Earth signs are going to shine in the year ahead, helping us all get more grounded through some personal and societal restructuring. Celebrate your hopes and dreams for the future and call in what you’re going to MANIFEST in 2019, with our New Year Magic Candle.


Zodiac Candles
One of the favorite gifts we hear from HOI customers that they love to give (and receive) are our Zodiac candles. We just completely redesigned them for an even sleeker, more modern look. Each one carries the energy of its zodiac sign to help ignite that energy within whoever burns it. Want to light up your rising or moon sign characteristics more? It’s not all about the sun sign! Your astrology-minded friends will LOVE these.


Crystal Body Polish
Give the gift that keeps on giving- a luxurious invitation to indulge in some self-care. You can’t go wrong with our crystal body polishes made entirely from natural ingredients, including the actual crystals from which they’re named. Want to help someone recognize their worth? Go for citrine. Want to help them relax and de-stress? They’ll love amethyst. They’re all delightfully scented and leave your skin feeling extra smooth and nourished. Check out all 5 magic polishes to choose from.


Crystal Rollers
Our new HOI crystal rollers encourage one to gift themselves with a beauty ritual worthy of a queen. With 5 different stones to choose from, these rollers are great to increase circulation, hydration and chi, while removing toxicity and bad vibes. They’re a wonderful way to take advantage of crystal healing energy, as each of the stone’s individual qualities radiates into your skin with each roll. We want to see the smile of anyone lucky enough to get one of these in their stocking.


Moon Box Subscription
Really want to spoil and surprise someone special on your list? If they love to follow the phases of the moon, or want to create more consistent self-care practices in their life, our Moon Box subscriptions are a great choice. They come complete with a new and full moon candle and all the goodies one needs to take advantage of the energy coming in each month, including access to free guided moon ritual meditations on You can pre-pay for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months at a time for some serious vibe raising potential.


Anointing Oils
Our delectable anointing oils are the perfect addition to dress your magic candles or anoint your body- simply add them to bath water or dab on as needed. With 6 selections to choose from, each handmade concoction of magical oils & herbs offers a scentacular way to enhance rituals or your own personal magic. Gift the seeds of abundance, love, and breaking through obstacles with these precious, limited edition oils.


Power Mini Bracelets
And we can’t have a HOI gift guide without including crystals, but we especially love these power mini bracelets, made in a variety of beautiful gemstones, to give as gifts. They’re such a simple, stylish way to incorporate crystal healing into everyday life, and are easy to mix and match with one another depending on the energy you want to call in that day. There’s a stone to match anyone’s taste or energetic desires, and at only $10 each, they’re perfect to share with friends.


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