Psychic Protection: Know When Your Environment is Affecting You

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“The best way to avoid psychic attack is to look at the emotions you are generating within yourself, raise them to a higher frequency and then no longer attract bad vibes. Yoga, hiking in nature, meditation, crystals, bath salts, essential oils, affirmations and healthy eating are the tools to build your psychically protected self.”-Shannon Yrizarry

There are many ways the environment can affect us. First I have to say that positive energy is far stronger than negative so you can always feel safe when you stay in a positive frame of mind and pure love intention. Generating positive energy is your secret super power. The environment dictates our psyche and our most basic motivations. This means that understanding psychic attack can give you control of your health, your finances and your relationships. Sometimes you will feel drained around large crowds. Sometimes a negative person will drain your energy. Then there are people who are really energetic and they can get you to do things you usually wouldn’t do. If someone has a big energy field they may or may not use it intentionally in a good way. Have you ever met someone that just gets you to throw out whatever your daily routine is in a relationship? Have you ever met someone that always seems to dominate plans and conversations? All of these things are important to be aware of so you can stay in your power and not be influenced by people without realizing it. If you’re very empathic, you may also feel the pain of others. If they walk into the room and your neck tenses up, your energetic field is picking up on theirs.

Psychic phenomena can be so magnetic that is it a thought form generated hundreds of years ago or more and generation after generation, it built up momentum. Gender inequality and racism are a part of those thought forms. Our own deeply ingrained and hardest to get rid of psychic attacks come from the programming we received as children by watching our parents interact in the world and with us. We also started to believe that the world around us was just the way things were supposed to be not realizing that most of society runs their lives in a state of reaction to psychic attack, never stepping out of the delusion. Unhealthy processed food and alcohol reduce the prana in our system making us susceptible to psychic attack and more easily manipulated by the lower vibration rivers of consciousness. 

Many times the psychic influences will be far more subtle. You may be so used to them that you don't even realize they are there. If you feel stuck in your life, powerless, unattractive, controlled, used, pressured to work overtime, undermined, consdescended or manipulated to feel small, made fun of, insulted or made to feel like you have to change your physical appearance or let go of ethical and moral ideals, chances are you are surrounded by people who are a part of a multifaceted group psychic attack. They are all in the delusion and thus will think nothing of pulling you along the river they are swept up in. If you feel like you can't control your eating or your health is deteriorating, this is a sign of another sign of psychic attack which is very magnetic because so many people live in this reality that we are often not aware we can be free of. When we take control of our health, break free of toxic relationships and disempowering jobs where we aren't valued, we start to break free of psychic attack. 

The next layer of understanding how the environment affects you is realizing that emotions run at a certain frequency. So fear is one of the lower frequencies and it runs like a river throughout populated areas. Narcissism and egotism also run rampant on our cities too. Look at how many people live just trying to get attention for themselves. Other emotions like anger or insecurity can also hit your field and confuse you with the illusion that it is your own emotion. Similarly, if you’ve ever been in a room of excited people, your state will become giddy as well. The group energy fields happen in a room and as large as a city. They can quite literally just push us along our lives making us feel like we have to do certain things like be out on a Friday night or the old cliche of needing the emotional security of a relationship to feel satisfied (this is the environmental influence of loneliness).

Many people on their spiritual path start to realize that this conditioning is coming from an unseen place. Essentially this is what cultural anthropology and sociology study. Sometimes you do see it though. It will be marketing plastered intentionally on Billboards to get you to buy things or images of romantic fairytale love in the media that get you to spend hundreds of dollars on stuff no one needs at Valentine’s day while dating site sales skyrocketed as our culture is pressured to feel incomplete without a partner. Food stores and clothing stores will create displays to make you feel like you’re getting a good deal or going to be more appealing by purchasing their products. The whole of this is environmental influences. Our social groups can highly influence our worldview as well. If you hang out with people who like to complain, shop and unwind with a few cocktails, that will be the norm for you. If you surround yourself with people who are activists and speaking up to make a difference for those who are struggling, you are more likely to be like that.

So how do we protect ourselves from psychic attack? You can put cascarilla around your bed but that doesn’t help when you’re out and about. You can wear black tourmaline which has a resonance that transmutes negative energy to positive. You can also make sure your own mind is in a positive place by meditation daily and using affirmations so that you don’t enable those lower vibrations to find a like match in your energy field. You can also do kundalini yoga which will strengthen your energy field by bringing in prana with the oxygen carried into the blood with your breath. The prana fills up your energy field protecting you from influences that are lower vibration. If you feel cloudy or heavy, try a salt bath and keep up this habit once a week. Also hiking in nature where there is less population allows your field to clear. 

"Your body is a sponge and a highly receptive computer that collects data floating in the ethers. You need a software program of yoga, healthy eating, meditation and positive thinking to keep that data organized." -Shannon Yrizarry

Some of the best affirmations are:

*Only positive energy is allowed around me.

*Amazing things are happening right now and good things are here.

*People treat me really well.

*I give back any energy that is not mine with love in the past present and future.

You can also wash your hands and envision that energy leaving your hands and going down the sink. You can envision a golden or white bubble of energy around you as well to keep your vibe up. If that’s not strong enough in your mind, fortify it with bricks or steal. Then be practical about it too. Avoid negative people and negative work environments. You do have a choice about where you spend your time. Take your power back. Keep your own words positive and do not interlock with someone who is trying to bring you down by dumping their emotional garbage onto you. Use positive language and redirect conversations keeping the energy high.

For clearing energy in a room you can burn incense, palo santo and sage. You can play chimes and bells, spiritual music, mantras and singing bowls. You can also use essential oils which have a resonance to keep you positive. I personally love geranium! You can also use selenite and himalayan salt lamps to clear the energy in a room as well. They generate negative ions and calm your nervous system. You can also ask the angels to help you lift your spirits and purify your energy. They are always there ready to assist you, all you have to do is ask.

I don’t want to make people feel paranoid, rather I want to empower you to feel like you are in the driver’s seat of your mind and emotions. That is why healthy food, herbal tea, essential oils, daily yoga, affirmations, incense, salt baths and crystals are the tools of a healer. A healer has practiced keeping their vibe up so when a client comes to them they can help shift that person’s energy. We offer you yoga classes and meditation classes so you can be aware of your energy and redirect it on a moment by moment basis so you’re not affected by what the masses are affected by. We have all heard of the term fear-mongering. This is used as a scare tactic to get people into a hysteria and buy things. When we can tell what is going on behind the scenes, we will be stronger. As women, we won’t have to make ourselves up in order to feel beautiful. All of us will stop equating our self worth with money and items but rather our heart and our intention.  

When you are not happy, you may be experiencing psychic attack and need to get your vibe up. Remember there are tools to help you. If you feel like your life is a drag or not heading in a positive direction, consider my Conscious Relationships class or Discover Your Life Purpose class or one of our meditation classes led by Harriet, Kristin and Afimaye. Aimee has an amazing Kundalini yoga class on Mondays and Dominic can help you release negative energy from your aura on Tuesdays in one of his sound baths! Once you are no longer being led down a path you don’t even realize you’re being influenced down, you can start to get clear with your purpose and set an intention to make that a reality. We have ways to help you manifest those visions too! Our magic candles, our clairvoyant readings and middle pillar rituals as well as the manifesting with the moon cycles classes are ready to help you recreate yourself and live a truly healthy magical and happy life.

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