How To Manifest with The Moon Cycles

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Twice a month the tribe of seekers and healers gather at House of Intuition to learn an ancient secret, the ability to create. This gathering happens at the new moon and full moon and it's a class called Manifesting with The Moon Cycles and Vision Boarding. This information has been suppressed for thousands of years because it is so powerful. It's time to raise the vibration of our planet and reignite our connection to the heavenly bodies. This is not some woo-woo theory, I usually get every very specific thing I put on my vision board and write in my intention journal. But the technique, timing and consistency of your 'magic' work is crucial in the results you get.
First of all, we do not manipulate others. It's unethical and creates bad karma. This means we do not cast spells to get a specific person to fall in love with us or ask that someone lose their job so we can get it. I heard a story of someone who had a spell cast for someone to fall in love with them and that person did, however they turned into a raging alcoholic. So bottom line is, let the universe bring you things without interfering with anyone else. Really, if you want to break the cycle of reincarnation, ask for things that will help you align to your soul purpose, not things that will only offer fleeting material gratification.
The new moon, when you look in the sky and only see a vague watermark of the moon, is when the creative energy is ripe. The veil between the dimensions and unseen world is thin. Retreat and listen at this time. Trying to come up with ideas at other times wastes energy. At the full moon, our nervous system has lots of energy, people are confident and ready to move forward with things like new hires and relationships. After the full moon, follow up on what has come through, release negative ways of thinking or habits and clear space for the new ideas. It's 2.5 weeks between the new moon and full moon and full moon and new moon.
Here is how to do it. From the new moon to the full moon, every morning and night, write in your journal, thank you for bringing whatever it is into my life (address the angels, saints and guides). It can be  more than one thing but just focus on a few or you won't know what to focus your time on and your powerful thoughts will be dispersed in too many directions diluting the potency. Write it as if it's already here instead of asking for something which affirms that it is not. Visualize this already in your life. What are the sounds, smells, textures and feelings in your visualization? There is building energy from the new moon to the full moon. This is when you must take action, plant seeds and do what I call cooking the spaghetti, throw it against the wall and see what sticks. Also have a vision board by your bed with pictures that represent what you're manifesting. This creates a focus that is laser like and removes distractions that keep you from pursuing this vision.
Surrender your process to spirit, they may have a better plan! Trust good things are coming and do not wait to be happy. Tell yourself, "today is full of magical experiences, loving interactions and I can't wait to see what happens!"
Around the full moon (two days before and after) is when things will start to show up and come through if you have done the work and it's in the highest good. If something doesn't come through, it may take a few months, require a different approach or not be good timing. Once you experience the magic, the lid on your life lifts, opening all possibilities. Remember to be a vision keeper for the earth, manifest for the world and use this power to heal others. When we take care of others, we experience unending joy, the true fountain of youth.
The next class is today 11/13/16 at 12 pm at our Echo Park location. It's $20. If you can't make it, join us on the new moon, December 29th at 7pm. It's best to sign up in advance here. You can also always pick up our special New Moon and Full Moon candles to set your intention and get the download on the sign the moon is in that will offer you specific types of energy. You can manifest for all areas of your life relationships, career, friendship, health and spiritual gift development! Stay empowered and use the many resources we have for you at House of Intuition!
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