Irish Moss Money Ritual

Written by Ryan Trinh

Who doesn’t want a steady flow of money into their home?  For those of you say “no,” I’d be more than willing to take it for you.  

One of the most popular questions we get from our customers to make sure they have cash ready.

An interesting herb to use to draw money to oneself would be Irish Moss, and despite the name, it’s actually an algae.  It is also known as Carrageen or Pearl Moss. Typically these herbs are harvested from the rocky shores of the East Coast of the US or the West Coast of Europe.  You tend to see these algaes in different food stuff as a natural thickener or as an animal-free gelatin substitute or even boiled as a tea with different spices added for a warm drink in parts of Ireland.  In certain traditions, this herb is also taken as a digestive aid and to help with the respiratory system.  

Now onto the more metaphysical usages, like I said, you can use this herb as a way to bring in money to you.  One easy way to do this just requires a few simple items that you may have around the kitchen:

  • A mason jar
  • Whiskey (if you’re like me, you’ll have an assortment of whiskey but any whiskey will do, you’re not going to be drinking the concoction)
  • Irish Moss
  • Your choice of additional money herbs or trinkets

And all you have to do for this is:

  • Clean the jar
  • Fill the jar with whiskey
  • Add a heavy pinch of Irish Moss
  • Add your combination of different money herbs such as Cinnamon, Patchouli, Cedar, or Bayberry or trinkets such as $2 bills, silver dimes, or money crystals like citrine or even pyrite.
  • Seal this concoction and give it a good shake
  • Keep this as an offering in the kitchen by the window or altar

Replace or refresh the liquor if you notice any funky mold or anything, but if your alcohol is of a high enough content, this shouldn’t be an issue.

In addition, if you work in a place and you want to bring more money into the space, you can always put a pinch of Irish Moss under a carpet in the work space to encourage a steady stream of customers.  The uses of this herb are pretty endless since it can be combined with other money herbs like the herbs above and be used as a floor wash or candle dressing or a mojo bag.  For example, in a green flannel bag, if you place Irish Moss and other money associated trinkets and herbs, it’s said to increase your luck and flow of money.  

A few final notes to remember.

  • Many herbs can be substituted if you are unable to get a certain herb.  For example, if Irish Moss is not accessible, you can always use Kelp or another form of seaweed or algae.  Though the magic I go off on likes to use specific ingredients, even I have to use substitutions every so often. So if we’re out of Irish Moss, please feel free to try our Kelp or Spirulina.
  • And of course, don’t think that reading this and following the exact steps we may procure will ensure you money at all times.  Remember that it’s always about your intention when working with herbs, candles, oils, or even ritual!



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