How To Trust Spirit

“When it comes time to figure out what to do for a living, if you should pursue a relationship with someone or when it’s time to let things go, spirit is there for you.”-Shannon Yrizarry

The spirit world is vast and there are many different frequencies that you can tap into. Developing a relationship with your guides and becoming familiar with them can help you learn how to trust your gut and images or messages received in meditation. The more consistently you sit in meditation to familiarize yourself with the visions of the third eye and listening to clairaudible messages, the easier it will be to trust spirit. You can even practice tapping into that same relaxed yet expanded vision throughout the day to get guidance on small things such as where should I go right now? Often someone will show up that you need to meet when you listen to that guidance or you avoid something you didn’t know was going to happen. When you start getting those validations from experience, your trust in spirit will strengthen.

Often you’ll get a feeling that things are about to change or need to change. When I was starting out on my path I didn’t know how to trust these impulses yet and I would hold onto those feelings and go get a reading. The readings always validated what I was feeling helping strengthen the relationship with personal intuition. If you sit with your guides as often as you sit with your family or partner, you will build a stronger bond. You will be able to feel the subtle difference between your mind and your guides. The guides offer high vibration advice which helps heal you and others. They help you find balance and success in a humble and altruistic fashion. They never encourage anger or vengeance.

Try staying in a mental state of trust throughout the day when you’re grocery shopping, driving, showering, doing laundry and cooking. Try staying in a state of trust when you’re with friends and family and at work. You can use affirmations to overcome doubt or just plain old feeling isolated forgetting they are there. I use affirmations like this:

“Let spirit do the heavy lifting.”

“Things are happening exactly as they should.”

You can also address them in your journal in gratitude for the things you’re trying to manifest. You can say thank you for the new home or creative ideas for ways through challenges. You can thank them for helping you with an emotion such as forgiveness, strength or positivity. Guides can include deceased, angels and non-human beings. Often they are in a group for instance I had three wise women working with me for a while. Your higher self is the gate keeper for these guides. Your higher self is the purest expression of your consciousness without limitation of the logic mind which lives in linear time and sees through a fear lens or societal lens. The higher self can show you images that you need to know and you can consciously connect chakras and look into their eyes to feel the truth in your minds eye.

Try relaxing your entire body and expanding the energy around your third eye far to the sides forward and backward. Notice what you feel? How does this relate to the direction you’ve been pointing your life? Do you feel guided to change anything? Do you feel guided to change an attitude towards a situation? Often we will not be able to trust spirit easily when we are constantly around other people. This is because we are influenced by their thoughts and may not be able to hear or have the space to hear our spirit guides. If you’re travelling or have guests, make sure to take a little quiet time in the morning and at night to sit quietly by yourself with a journal. Ask what you need to know about your spiritual growth and write down what comes.

You can ask your guides questions and wait patiently for an answer. It may come as a feeling, an image and song, or a knowing. Sometimes you’ll hear words too. You can ask them to help you develop your clairs so you can communicate easier. I remember moments where I was overcome with tiredness and after some really amazing experiences where I avoided danger because of that tiredness or later needed the energy I conserved, I realized not to resist my body’s messages and embrace them. Resistance to the way the body is feeling basically is rejecting the most sophisticated bio-magnetic system on the planet which is the human body. We are designed to know what to do before we experience things.

It is common that people get feelings that help them before an experience as everyone has a 6th sense whether or not they know it. If you just take time to tune in and pay attention to your feelings and inner guidance on a more regular basis throughout the day, you will most likely be able to align your life with a higher purpose that will allow you to feel more fulfilled. You will also probably be able to stay on course with soul growth and healthy eating and quite realistically be able to heal relationships while attracting more positive ones.

Spirit connects to you through your crown chakra and you’ll feel sensations throughout your body as well. If you consciously focus on the top of your head and invite your guides to speak with you, you can receive guidance. Don’t lose hope if you don’t get clear messages or don't know who your guides are right away. We had to learn how to ride a bike, how to drive and how to use the alphabet to form words just as we have to learn what it’s like to trust spirit. I practice radical trust when I’m nervous. I thank them for helping me and giving me the right words and attitude.

If you set your intention to a very pure and loving place to help others, you’ll notice the types of people you meet are much more interested in similar things. You can ask your guides to bring friends that are trustworthy and solid people. You can ask them to help you with direction or finding someone who gives trustworthy advice. You can ask them to help you with money. But when you ask, try to say thank you for this as if you’re affirming it is already here.

Sometimes spirit gives you advice that you’re reluctant to take because you don’t see why they are giving you this message. When you’re unsure if it’s coming from spirit or ego, that’s when it’s good to get a reading or take extra time to feel if it’s coming from your heart. Many of us were raised not knowing there was another side to connect to. We doubted fiercely and got caught up in living for ourselves, guided by the ego. When we trust spirit, we will be able to accept unexpected experiences as a part of the plan and a mirror of our own healing process.

Having trust means that you are experiencing what you need, even if it’s challenging. It means when you get rejected, something better is happening and when you get sick, you need to slow down to deal with an issue or an emotion. Trust comes from practicing and focusing on trust. Regular habits of being in a state of connection where you feel there is more going on than meets the eye will help you see the interconnectness of all things. When you start seeing synchronicities, your trust will grow. The more you meditate and ask for advice, the more validation you will get when you follow the advice you receive through those feelings, impressions or words. Sometimes that information comes through dreams or through healers who are experienced with connecting to guides. When the things they say are highly accurate, it can absolve even the more stringent doubters.

Moving into trust allows you to stay in a high vibrational frequency so you can attract better things to you. It allows you to move out of fear or frustration because of unmet expectations. It helps you be happier and more abundant. Spirit is on your side, all the time all day everyday. They are not confined to physical bodies so they don’t get tired or confined to one location. If you want to develop trust in your guides, come in or call in for a clairvoyant reading or a crystal reading with Naha and we can help create a bridge for you as you practice on your own. You don’t have to do it alone, we are here to help you and our library will guide you in the process. Crystals can also help you connect as well. They help stimulate your chakras and they resonate high frequencies that help your guides communicate through you so can pick up the signal better.  

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