Connecting To Your Higher Self

A basic question many people have when getting into the metaphysical world is how to begin meditating. This is something we aren’t used to doing and it’s not YET a part of our culture. It is quickly become a valuable resource both economically and emotionally for us. While there are countless ways to meditate, the two basic kinds would be guided and still. In a still meditation you are letting go of your thoughts, slowing down your active mind and entering a void. This can be achieved by just going to a clear white space in your mind. This is helpful to let go of negative thinking and calm you down. Guided meditations help give your active mind something to do and can help you develop a link between you and the spiritual world.

Think of connecting to your higher self like a muscle. It has to be exercised regularly to work strongly. We can’t expect to do twenty five pushups without building up muscle. Similarly we cannot communicate through the pituitary access point of our third eye if we have not stimulated this energetic center and gland. This is a time tested physiological process. But what is the higher self? It is the part of you that is between you and the soul. The higher self is with you in a lifetime but not confined to our linear time/space continuum as our logic based minds are. It has access to knowledge about what is best for you now and in the future as well as how to heal the past which only exists in spirit (energetic imprints).

The higher self may be a personified image, a non-human image and it may shift over time. It should feel comfortable and safe. It is someone that you can meet in meditation using your intention and listen to their advice. Use your body as a feedback mechanism. If the advice feels like it generates negative emotions, this could be your ego disguised as your higher self. Ask the ego to be placed in a safe while you meditate and feel as though you’re guided by the heart center. Anything guiding you to bring personal attention to yourself is generally not the higher self but the ego. Anything guiding you to buy things or seek happiness from a relationship is also generally your ego. The higher self looks out for the whole of humanity, aligning you with high ideals and a lifestyle of self love.

How can the higher self be useful to you and how often should you connect to it? It can guide you to let go of habits, ideas, jobs and people that are not serving you. Addictions, self sabotaging beliefs, negative looping thoughts and abusive relationships are the business of the higher self. They will guide you to a more peaceful existence. They may only come to you as a feeling, a color or a subtle shift in awareness but they are there. The more you connect to them, the easier you will be able to decipher their messages and determine what is real and non-real. To start, try sitting down with a journal every morning and every night to connect to your higher self. Make sure the room is quiet and free from distractions like a TV or another person so you can leave your active brainwave state and slip from beta into delta or theta.

To Connect To Your Higher Self:

  1. Sit with your spine straight in a cross legged position or on a chair with your feet on the floor.
  2. Clear all thoughts from your mind by entering a white space and breathing slowly and deeply. This is in your mind’s eye.
  3. Invite your higher self to meet with you.
  4. Ask them what you should be focusing your time and energy on and what you should know about healing your own thoughts. Write down what you receive. Ask for clarity if things are unclear. You’ll get better at listening as you strengthen this relationship.

The more we take responsibility for what we have attracted into our life, the more valuable our relationship with our higher self will be. We can use the higher self to help us see where our mind has inverted to make us feel like a victim and help us shift our perspective. We can also use the higher self to connect us to spirit guides in the unseen realm. Use an intention to only connect to the highest possible frequency of guides that work in the light. Your higher self is one of the most important relationships you will ever cultivate and they will help you loose the layers of societal conditioning ingrained in the mind that make you insecure and make you act from a disempowered place of fear.

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