Getting Along With Different Belief Systems

House of Intuition offers information on different belief systems and a safe place people for different faiths, no faith and fluid interests. We look at source (the interdimensional reality that religious systems are built to access) as something that is accessible to all, no matter what system is used to get there. We are inclusive to ideas like shamanism, magic, kundalini yoga, tarot, spiritualism and angelic communication. We believe in creating union among these forms of thought instead of staking them against each other judgmentally. The intention of shamanism can be likened to the intention of kundalini yoga although different rituals and verbiage. Healing and connection to a higher source of guidance in our daily lives is the goal of each of these systems and we encourage our community to start to see solidarity among the spiritual community even when people aren’t speaking the same language.

Just as there are different astrological systems, numerological systems and tarot cards, there are different languages spoken throughout the world. The actual sound vibrations are different but the emotions generated by the words are the same. Starting to feel what I’m getting at? If you say love in English, French or Spanish, the emotion is universal. So how can an atheist and a religious person get along? How can we use the foundation of House of Intuition and apply it to our own lives and the big picture? Creating peace means looking at how we are similar, not how we are different. When we look for differences we are essentially in maya (illusion) or non-reality. The separation between us and someone else only exists in the reality perceived by the 5 senses not in the multi-verse where the sixth sense is the guiding sense. When we start to realize that we live in a world of mirrors (the holographic universe) we realize that what we focus on, we attract. Thus if we focus on chaos, tiredness, negative traits of others and isolation, that is what we experience in the world of mirrors. But alchemically, when we transmute our electromagnetic emissions which is our energy in motion (emotion) to something of a more positive nature, we will experience an empowering shift in the physical world. This means we start to create union and see the interconnectness between religious systems, spiritual beliefs and just people in general. We start to see that we are all dealing with similar things and not as divided as some neighborhoods, accents or even fashion styles make us feel.

When we start to see that there are many templates all pointing in the same direction (4,200 religions exist on this planet) we can expand our perspective to appreciate them, acknowledge they are still filtered through man’s ability to communicate and archive them and not attack them so much. We can look at them just as an airplane which breaks through many preconceived notions of what is possible and find what works and leave behind what is an old technology. For instance, maybe yogis in the past were aesthetics in caves or ashrams and then we realized that the wisdom that spiritually adept individuals had, needed to be applied to the masses so being isolated became a dated form of spiritual progression (not that that path is less admirable). Just as the equipment to protect NFL football players evolves over time and becomes more sophisticated, our minds expand to be able to see where these systems developed and think less black and white about them. It’s not about who is right and wrong, it’s about inclusiveness and respect for rituals that are proven to heal others.

While some people may find saging to benefit them, others find prayer to lift their spirits. Some people pray to one god calling it one thing and others have never heard that word before. That doesn’t mean that the high frequency of the spiritual dimension is any less capable of penetrating the energy field of either person. Just because we speak different languages doesn’t mean we can’t get along.

If we look at our family life and our interpersonal relationships we can begin to see the real value in coexisting. We musn’t focus on our differences. We have to stop thinking negatively because it drains our energy. Attacking another system will leave you feeling fatigued. Leave space for others to find their own path and honor their truth. Do what you resonate with and follow who you resonate with. As long as no one is getting hurt, we are progressing. With more personal accountability, no matter what routine that comes from, we develop a more peaceful world. We can still speak up about upgrading the software of these systems (as in equal treatment for women, gay people and bringing esoteric knowledge to the masses).

We are in a huge awakening as a planet where we are realizing we have had enough of polarizing our political systems and our belief systems. We are inviting in color to a black and white world and quite literally that means activating our chakra systems to feel and experience an expanded viewpoint of interconnectedness where we all frequently have precognition and use our emotions intentionally to generate a peaceful community, work environment and home.

Science is also starting to understand the other dimensions through experiments. We can now see how time and space can bend. We have used clairvoyants in government operations and they are still used today to solve crimes by law enforcement. If you’d like to continue learning about this, check out a book written in the 60’s by David Peat called Synchronicity, a book called The Intention Experiments by Lynne McTaggart, a book called The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton or the G.O.D. Experiments by Gary Schwartz.  

And please go see the movie Dr. Strange because it is a great depiction of an expanded viewpoint that can heal our society! We support your healing process and learning at House of Intuition with both beginner and advanced classes as well as a library of audio and hardcopy books to fill your soul and create a strong foundation for an empowered culture of happy healthy people.

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