July 2020 Astrological Forecast


To get in touch with your true self, nurture your heightened awareness to signals or messages from the universe and spirit through meditation. Close your eyes, take deep breaths, then ask your body and mind to bring you a personal symbol to assist you with intuition development. Let the image come to you. Now in your daily life, note when you see this symbol and explore thoughts that were running through you at the time. Significance will be revealed through deep introspection.


July begins with a lunar eclipse in Capricorn on the 5th, bringing with it a strong push to complete cycles and patterning that were brought to our attention this time last year. This time around, we see what we’ve adjusted to to suit our emotional wellbeing and what is still left to purge. The moon in Capricorn, an energy representing systems, order, and structure, is across the sky from the sun in Cancer, which shines a light on our needs for emotional security. The moon and the lunar eclipse at 13 degrees Capricorn reminds us to soften, to mature and to surrender to greater wisdom, and to release areas where we invoke rigidity and control for our own personal gain. The eclipses that began in June, though they also have a connection with the ones that came at the start of the year, are encouraging us to make choices and make bold moves that will bring us greater alignment. The Sagittarius full moon and lunar eclipse stirred up our passion and frustration with outdated thinking and belief systems while the Cancer new moon and solar eclipse opened up pathways for us that balance our minds and our hearts and give us opportunities to revisit and recalibrate our boundaries. The Capricorn full moon and lunar eclipse shifts us internally to align with what we want to build and how we’ll do it. For many, opportunities for new jobs, new homes and opportunities to restructure both of those areas of life completely are possible. With Mercury in retrograde in Cancer, recognizing our need for physical, mental and emotional safety is prominent this month, so consider what your needs are to better nurture yourself. Reflect on ways that you may have adjusted too much to your emotional needs or where your boundaries have been too soft, and consider if you need to implement more discipline or self-control in our daily routines in order to see some real transformation. Collectively, there are questions we need to consider concerning where our money is going. In other words, we ask “Is it worth spending so much money on systems that oppress the safety and well-being of so many?” In our personal lives, we can ask ourselves, “Is this job worth the money if it’s not supportive of my mental and emotional wellbeing?” The conversation we’re having collectively about our emotional well-being at work and inside institutions that use repetition, tradition, shame, guilt, and punishment to maintain control is huge and ongoing. It’s a turning point for the future of the planet. From here, we can plan to see more and more of us choosing to please ourselves regardless of the risk financially or socially rather than stay sick, stuck or undervalued/underappreciated at work or within systems that oppress. Every person that wakes up and decides to return to their art or their families, or decides to join an organization or political movement is a piece to this larger change of people working for themselves and their deeper values.


Rose quartz: Stone of gentleness, compassion and forgiveness for emotionally challenging times of transition

Hematite: Grounding stone for protection and purging negativity while cultivating confidence

Moldavite: An invigorating stone that helps you leave your comfort zone and propels you to transform

*Intuition tips, astrological advice and crystal information were taken from House of Intuition's 2020 Calendar.

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