Weekly Astrology Forecast for 6/28

This is a powerful week for change and incoming opportunities that we couldn’t have predicted. The key to remaining open to possibilities is to embrace contrast by reminding ourselves that when something ends, something new begins. The week begins with tremendous energy, drive and passion to attend to projects and relationship situations that we previously avoided. There’s energy to collaborate with others and to turn ideas into creation or action. The planets aren’t holding back this week as they create scenarios for us to dig deep and allow what lives beneath the surface to rise and transform us spiritually. The universe asks us if our hearts and minds are in alignment with our path, and we’ll get the chance to respond when unexpected opportunities or invitations find their way to us. We can ask ourselves, “does this feel aligned with my heart and my mind?” and “How might this cause tension between what I need and what others expect of me?” If opportunities don’t come as surprises, they can come in the form of unplanned and fruitful conversations or uncovering personal truths or having intuitive clarity. This week is supportive of finding the ways we’re restricted from experiencing personal freedom both in our personal lives and in the world in which we live.

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