Humanity has been facing many trials throughout history but most recently, we have been more challenged than ever within this last year. We've been living in a world centered on intolerance and greed. Some who choose to only search for power have lost regard for their fellow human beings.

Within these trials, we have been finding the time and space to embrace one another differently: treating others with more respect, honesty, and promoting more courage. As a collective, we are to create something never seen before: an open and unified world.

What's so critical about this timing is that the monolith planets of Jupiter and Saturn have both entered into the rebellious sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is a sign that rules the social standing of the people and how they interact with the community as a whole. What we can learn from Aquarius is their ability to see people as people. There is a robust humanitarian sense that comes from the water-bearer sign. This humanitarian principle is the kind of energy we need to embrace as we prepare for this upcoming Aquarius season, which begins on the 20th of January.

There is a reformatting of how we can squash our differences for us to reach a higher goal. This upcoming month, as the Sun finishes its journey through Capricorn, it will be passing Pluto, the planet of transformation. Capricorn represents the old paradigm and order that we as a collective are ready to outgrow. No more praising power, greed, and control. There is only one real victor at the end, the one thing that conquers all: LOVE.

As we step into Aquarius season, we also have a Full Moon in Leo, reminding us to tap into the depths of our hearts and serve the world with will and passion. We will collectively need to lift our spirits and come together within a powerful frequency of unconditional love. The Leo energy of this full mood will be fueling the hearts of us all and reminding us that our most significant power source is the one that beats in our chest most often.

LOVE WINS. Love will always win.  What we choose to do today to fight for racial equality, gender expression, and representation will trickle down to the next generations to come. This Aquarius energy rolling through the collective demands reform, a new structure, and a better way to treat all of humankind. Share your love with those closest to you and honor even a stranger with the same sense of familiarity. We are all connected. We are all in this together. We are all making a difference by standing up for who we are: human.

To people from all creeds: all colors, all orientations, and all identities, let us draw strength from each other as we transcend differences to outgrow old paradigms that no longer serve our Highest Good. Love is the frequency we align with when faced with the toughest of battles. We combine all that makes us special to manifest a world for ourselves and our future generations: one of profound UNITY guided by LOVE. Tap into the depths of your heart and serve the world with will and passion. Our most significant power source is the one that beats in our chest most often. 


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