Weekly Astrology Forecast for 1/18

This week is action-packed and fueled by the motivation to go against the grain of what society has set up for us on a collective level. There will be a total battle for personal freedom; how connected are you to your integrity and sense of value? There is an opportunity to step into your revolution.

As the Sun enters Aquarius on Tuesday, a new profound truth becomes revealed; bridging people into a higher level of knowledge and consciousness. There is new preparation that needs to take heed to accept your higher facets; these themes will begin to reveal themselves when Mercury goes Retrograde in Aquarius on the 30th.

There is an undeniable be intensity to this week. With Mars conjunct Uranus on Wednesday, be mindful that there may be upheaval in larger cities and metropolitan areas. Be sure to stay safe of any reactions to the Inauguration Day frenzy. The focus to keep you connected to the collective is trying to build newfound security after the storm. At the end of the week, be sure to connect with people you relate to on an intellectual level.

This week is a great week to do as much spiritual cleansing as you can—set intentions and affirmations to send love and prosperity to the world. What we need is a coming together of great minds and hearts alike to weather the storm. We, as a collective, are pushing towards a new era of communication and prosperity. It begins with how you choose to make a difference and trust and rely on your intuition to guide your way.


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