Weekly Astrology Forecast for 1/11

As a collective, we have three significant shifts that have just occurred within this last week. Mars entered Taurus, Mercury entered Aquarius, and Venus entered Capricorn; this means that our drive is slowing down, our thoughts are communicating in better structure, and our commitments are supposed to match what we value the most. This week is about bridging in the new energies you want to encapsulate in this New Year.

The New Moon in Capricorn is on the 12th. This week is to show the buildup of this manifestation energy. Be sure to build up the things you need and figure out what you want to expand on. This week is a lead-up to a new chapter of creation after this New Moon. How do you push through hand-make your structure? How do you build and get past the feelings of not being able to do it? This week is a decisive week full of transformation. What do you wish to bring to the table? 



To learn more about how to utilize the New Moon's energy best, we are hosting a New Moon class, teaching you how to harness the power occurring on that day. These New Moon celebrations highlight how it will affect every zodiac sign, how you can utilize this energy for your manifestations, and tarot cards are pulled for the final message for your sun, moon, and rising! 


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