New Year New Energy 2021 - Gift Guide

We asked Chad, our in-house astrologer, teacher, and healer, to prepare a personalized list of gift ideas for every zodiac sign in your life. His goal is to help others discover who they truly are by utilizing the ancient knowledge within the stars and planets. To learn more, explore his astrology classes through Zoom on Mondays and Wednesdays, as well as his Live Weekly Astrology Reports every Saturday on our Instagram Live.


If 2020 were described simply by a single Tarot Card, it would be the Tower. The Tower represents a crumbling of an old-world; old ideas, old visions, and things that no longer serve fall apart from around you. As we collectively have seen, sometimes things fall apart to create more beauty in our lives. We can accept that simple things such as gratitude can completely change your outlook on all that is happening. This New Year is represented by the Fool card: the first tarot card in the deck and the first in the major arcana. It means moving forward into the infinite with your eyes wide open and accepting whatever prosperity lies behead. Don't let the name of this card fool you; there is leaping into the unknown that causes every major adventure to begin.


Prosperity Starter Kit

This box is a one-stop spot for you to get all the tools you would need in pushing forward into this new year from a powerful position. Inside this kit is the Money Magic candle, the Palo Santo Organic Spray, a Sage Smudge Bundle, a Selenite Tower, and Abundant Wellspring Anointing Oil. Equipped with these tools, you can clear your sacred space and allow a New Year to begin full of abundance and prosperity. 


2021 Candle (Limited Edition)

What better way to start your 2021 with the candle made just for it? This candle features a Rainbow on the front as a Symbol of Transformation. This candle is meant to bring you a metamorphosis to your future that brings you more blessings and personal power. There's no more significant way to bring in a resolution than with a candle programmed for that purpose.


The Fool Major Arcana Candle

The Fool card represents beginnings, new cycles, and approaching the world with a child's heart. A ritual with this tool is a perfect opportunity for you to become more optimistic and accept that you can make anything happen when you dive into the great unknown. 


Tarot of the New Vision Cards

This Tarot deck is a play on the original Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. The difference with these cards is that each Tarot archetype is leaping forward into something new and bold. These cards will help change your perspective and bridge a new sense of curiosity into your life!


Dusting Powders

These powders are useful all around tool that can be used to infuse objects with powerful intentions. These powders are used in ritual or creativity as you bring a little magic into the mundane. Sprinkle these powders at your home, on yourself, or at an altar; you can bring in the sense of protection, prosperity, love, and manifestation with each use—perfect tool for making magic in 2021. 


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