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Scales : Court Cases and Legal Battles
When you’re struggling with legal issues and court cases, it’s a great time to conjure some magical energy to boost your odds for success. While magic can’t violate the free will of judges, lawyers or witnesses to act as they see fit, it can tilt all of the other variables in your favor. By definition, a legal problem means someone else’s will is opposing yours directly, so the likelihood of a simple magic spell solving your problem is pretty low. You’ll need to bust out some big guns since you have other people—lawyers, judges, prosecutors, etc.—actively working against you.  


Here are a few suggestions on magic you can perform when you’re struggling with a legal situation.  


For court cases or any situation involving bureaucracies & red tape, try burning a brown candle on or after the Full Moon. Dress the candle with some tobacco beforehand. As a sacred herb, tobacco facilitates communication, so it can help break through barriers in complex legal quandaries.

St. ExpediteTo really add some power to your brown candle, call upon St. Expedite. St. Expedite was said to have been a Roman centurion around 300 A.D. and now comes to the aid of those who need swift action. As you can tell from his name, he’s all about expediting solutions to your problems. You can obtain a card with his likeness or print one out. Place it beside your brown candle and pray to the Saint, asking him to quickly bring your legal problems to a favorable conclusion. 


Complete your prayer by leaving St. Expedite a small offering of food and a glass of water. 


You can burn the candle and repeat your prayers to St. Expedite for seven consecutive nights. At the end of the seven nights, pour the water out in nature so that it can soak back into the earth. Leave the food outside where animals will eat it. Rest assured that St. Expedite is working behind the scenes to bring a swift conclusion to your woes. 


When the situation is resolved and St. Expedite has delivered you from certain doom, be sure to thank him as your good fortune could reverse. He’s particularly fond of pound cake, so leave him a big heaping slice of it—but only once he’s achieved your goal. The next day, set the cake offering outside somewhere the animals will get it. And it’s also customary to publicly thank St. Expedite and sing his praises to others. Nowadays, social media makes that easy. If you’re brave, go ahead and Tweet a thank you to St. Expedite (there’s actually a lot on there already). Or just post a comment on St. Expedite's website


For some more intense protection, you can try this more involved spell. 


Collect some dried skunk cabbage, bay leaf and sunflower seeds. Place them in a small pouch and carry with you as protection. If someone else is the main target in the legal case, give them the pouch to carry. On the night of the Full Moon or after, crush the contents of the pouch in your right hand and pour the crumbs onto a flat surface.


Take a brown candle and anoint it with an oil of your preference—simple vegetable oil will do. Roll the anointed candle in the mixture of herbs so that the candle is nicely coated. Once the candle is dressed, light it and stare into the flame. As you stare, visualize the outcome you desire for as long as you can. The more time you spend in visualization, the more power your spell will have.  


And of course for added oomph, you could combine all three of these spells. Make a magic pouch and wear it until the night of your ceremony, ideally on the Full Moon. Dress it onto your candle and offer it to St. Expedite as you pray. 


With these spells and some serious effort, you can boost the chances that all of the wild cards will turn up in your favor, and get you out of that hot water. 

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