Meditation Can Heal Your Life: Here's How To Begin

Meditation teaches you how to notice your thoughts. It makes you aware of how your emotions follow the thoughts. When we feel peaceful because we have the intention to share love and be grateful, our emotions feel calm. When we feel invigorated and inspired because of our intention to change the world, we see that meditation and directing the thoughts like an orchestra, is highly valuable in our enjoyment of life. Many clients that come to House of Intuition are thinking about what’s going wrong in their life and we ask them to start to meditate so they train themselves to think about what could go right. The emotions follow suit and start to make you feel better. As your energy field starts putting out good vibes, people enjoy your company and your life snowballs positively. How do you keep this momentum? Meditate in the morning and at night and use little mental tricks throughout the day to direct and notice your thoughts.


This information is so valuable to you that it could keep you from developing an addiction, marrying the wrong person or taking a job you will feel drained by. It could direct you to take care of your body, feel uplifted and enjoy higher quality relationships. Meditation slows down our thought process, takes inventory and allows us to weigh which thoughts are worth having. You are the writer and director or your life and meditation is where you write your story.

Where do you begin? First you need to create the vibe that will allow your mind to slow down. Get some calm music from HOI.TV, Spotify or Pandora on your phone. Next light a candle and maybe some incense to create a relaxed vibe. Turn off or dim overhead lights. Get a journal to record your thoughts and you’re ready to begin. Sit in a comfortable position and start slow breathing. I like to visualize a white space around me where any thoughts are kept outside of. When those thoughts start to come in I say, not now. Then I get clear with what my intention is. This has to do with my deepest motivation. What do I feel the world needs? How can I help? What should my focus be? I write down what comes after listening for a while.


Then you can ask, how should I take care of myself better and how can I show up for others better? Write down what comes to you after listening to your heart. Next ask if there is any past experience that is clouding your vision right now that you can let go of. Listen and wait. Write down anything that comes. To finish your meditation, write to your guides, the saints, sages and angels. Thank them for bringing what you truly feel is what you need and desire into your life. Visualize having that in your life. Now your mind is positive and projecting a good story, created by you. Imagine if you do this morning and night how you will be able to attract nicer friends, be a nicer person and get in line with your true life passion.

Meditation allows you to slow down and realize that you have the ability to respond peacefully. It gives you a choice to react with anger or love, fear or compassion. When dealing with family, roommates and partners, we need the mental training offered to us by meditation. If you want to be a successful person that gets along with others, you have to sit in meditation and get real with what emotions you are generating that are not positive. The more positive you become and the more intention you live with, the more valuable and enjoyable you are to others. Meditation can help you get promoted, find a soulmate and make better decisions for yourself. Meditation can help us see where or with who we are wasting our time.


I teach manifesting classes and I have seen so many people activate their vision in meditation and suddenly manifest things because their focus becomes laser like and consistent. Many people don’t realize they can manifest and so they just hope good things happen. Meditation and writing thank you for (whatever you are wanting) will help bring it into your reality. You can learn more about meditation in person at our Sunset location (classes are listed here or on our TV Channel www.Hoi.Tv.

The last frontier, is not unexplored lands or becoming super rich and famous, the last frontier is understanding the mind and not being a slave to it. When we are able to use the mind to create what we want and to influence our life, we are truly magicians. This is most likely the most empowering information one can master in a lifetime. Have a blessed week and thank you for reading. Consider sharing this inspiring article with someone you love!

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