A week from now on February 21st, a priest and healer, Afimaye Galarraga, with House of Intuition will create a sacred portal to the deity Oshun. In this sacred gathering, you will be calling upon this deity to manifest love. This is a special time to find closure after a breakup or to finally get over a past lover. If you're trying to find the right mate, this is the right place for you.

Afimaye is a Yoruba priest who does healing work around the world. He is a conduit for spirit and a translator. He has a strong connection to the divine and his constant dedication to cultivating relationships with these deities allows your energy to be opened in this sacred gathering. If you want to bring love into your life, you have to clear the negativity from your mind and energy field. This meditation will be empowering and activating. It’s happening at 7PM at our Echo Park location.

Here is a little background on the goddess Oshun. She is an African Goddess of love. The deity Oshun is one of the most venerated orishas. Orisha is a word for spirit or deity. Oshun is a deity of the Latin America and Yoruba traditions. Yoruba is from western central Africa in Nigeria. Oshun is a river goddess and resides over fresh waters. There is a yearly festival dedicated to her and she is said to descend into one of the women dancers. She has been brought into other traditions over the years as well as people have migrated. She is now a part of the Cuban Santeria as well as traditions in Brazil and Haiti. Different cultures spell her name with slight variations.

The orishas each have a color and number associated with them. Her number is five and the color is yellow/amber. She is associated with the metal gold or bronze. Some foods associated with her are pumpkins, oranges and honey. The characteristics she imbues are beauty, sweetness and joyfulness.

I see many people wanting love but not slowing down to create space and intention for that sacred union. What often ends up happening is they meet someone haphazardly. I think it’s best to work with spirit to bring you a higher love and soul connection. We know that Los Angeles can be a fast paced success oriented place and Afimaye is helping to counteract that energy so you can manifest something magical.

“In this fast and rapid-paced life in which we live in, we forget and make little effort to connect with our inner-self and spiritual side to cleanse our aura of the unimaginable amount of negativity that surrounds us on a daily basis. Stress levels are at a great high and we are in dire need of all the spiritual work our bodies, mind and soul deserves.”-Afimaye Galarraga

I will leave you with this. The world is a mirror, showing us where we are, what our intentions are and what we can work on. When you do meet someone, see what they are reflecting in you. If you have been meeting people you are dissatisfied with, look at it as an inner calling, from your soul to develop your heart and connect to your life’s calling. When you are truly satisfied with who you are and living from your heart, the purity of your soul will manifest love that is easy and fun. I see this with all of my clients across the board. Tell your single friends about this class or just bring them! I truly know that a class like this is powerful enough to change lives.

Be blessed.

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