Intentional Living

House of Intuition offers candles, crystals, journals and books all to help you become an intentional and more conscious human being. We don’t do this to become rich, we do this because it has helped us become happy. We want other people to feel the peace and magic that we have experienced by connecting to the other side. We experienced a great reading, a blissful meditation, an empowering yoga class and said, "hey the world needs to feel what I am feeling!" We changed our lifestyles and started speaking and acting well yes, less conventionally. We broke the chains of the mind to be able to think for ourselves and make a life we were excited about living which means, one of intention.

Living intentionally starts out different for each of us but it’s really a lifestyle. It’s about self love, treating ourselves both physically and mentally like a best friend. It’s also about communicating peacefully with others and knowing how to use our energy to heal the world. Intentional living means contributing all of your energy to raising the vibes in your own energy field, in your community and through the ripple effect in the world. This means that no matter what job we have, where we live or who we interact with, we have an ability to affect the global energy grid we are a part of.

Living with an attitude of gratitude raises the vibration we share with our environment which is constantly fluctuating based on the thoughts generated by everyone on the planet. World peace starts inside each of us. It starts with an intention. It starts with each of us taking a moment to create a positive loving intention, thinking of the good of all so we can hold up the energy on the planet and help everyone feel more peaceful. There is an ancient law of the universe that says, “as above so below. As within so without.” Just as the moon and sun affect our emotions, the internal process we can generate also affects our external world. This is a deep esoteric truth that is making it’s way into mainstream consciousness through talk shows, music, the internet, social media and even movies like Dr.Strange.

What if we realized that we each could activate world peace by healing the thoughts we have in our mind? What if we created a grassroots movement of world peace by deciding to live intentionally? When our words and thoughts are peaceful, compassionate and loving, we choose sustainable products, we raise happy trusting children and we create healthy relationships. We choose activities that heal us and don’t harm us and we allow others to see the joy we create and want that for themselves. We even choose food that heals us when we live intentionally because we take care of ourselves. Intentional living is a concept that has become more mainstream but is still somewhat vague.

If we simplify our lives and just live to do better, to be a better and kinder person to ourselves and others in every moment, we are living intentionally. When we let go of the need to out-do others, to gossip, to put others down, we create space for joy in our lives. When we let go of having to go along with status quo and think about what is best for the world, we choose jobs and social outlets that heal us and others. If we all were living to take care of each other, knowing that wherever we are, we are making a difference, world peace would be a reality. Choose peace, live intentionally.

We are here to support that journey and create those habits in your thoughts and actions. In humble service, House of Intuition.

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