Hope & Lasting Happiness: New Moon Solar Eclipse Astrology

“You may get your wishes fulfilled with this solar eclipse. Stay mentally prepped for people’s lives to change around you and focus on your highest purpose.”-Shannon Yrizarry

We have a very positive alignment in the planets this Sunday! An eclipse helps put you where you need to be. Essentially, it’s like getting help from the universe. The solar eclipse and new moon in Pisces is helping your wishes become fulfilled especially in the areas of using your talents as well as romance. An eclipse always represents the end of something and the beginning of something as it is the strongest aspect the sun and moon make. If we are focused on a higher power, we can truly align our lives with lasting relationships and using our natural abilities for others. This new moon is in Pisces which is a mystical and highly intuitive sign so your focus on Sunday will most likely be on spiritual aspects of your life.

Relationships are given a positive boost at the end of the week and artists may find opportunities and extraordinary inspiration arrive. Because Pisces is a water sign, if you’re already a sensitive person, I highly recommend taking some time alone for decompression and a salt bath as the energy will be highly psychic and we may feel a lot of other people’s emotional stuff. For those that aren’t used to feeling so much, they may be confused as to what is reality and what is not. If you can intuitively prepare for people to be slightly out of sorts or just not in their most grounded logical state of mind, you won’t be caught off guard by the Pisces new moon energy. The expansive energy of the planet Neptune can induce some escapism for those who don’t have a firm foundation so support your friends in this time by encouraging them to meditate instead of medicate.

Last year's eclipse season during September brought a lot of change for people. Looking back to September, this month’s eclipses are ending what was beginning at that time in 2016 and we now are starting something new on the solar eclipse. This year we have another lunar eclipse August 7 and a total solar eclipse August 26th exactly 6 months from this Sunday’s solar eclipse. The changes started during this period will likely culminate or find resolution in some way in August. Last year was a year of ending and purging so this month you may finally get to let go of what you no longer need while finding things turning in your favor. Since endings are necessary for new beginnings, you may finally see why things had to fall apart last year so your new growth could occur this year. Yay for emotional closure! Mostly this change energy is about opening a positive and productive gateway in an area that has been in high focus for you!

The theme with this new moon is wrapped up in how much effort we are putting in. If we are truly acting to be a leader and pushing forward, you will find great success. If you are being greedy, there’s a chance you will feel the ramifications of that energy too. So be diligently altruistic in the coming months to get the best results and most lasting happiness. The good news is there is an alignment with a special star that is known to fulfill wishes so on this week, ask your higher self what you should wish for that is in the highest good for all. Sometimes we wish for things that may not be what is best for us and if you’re not clear on what it best, I would set up a reading with one of us at HOI over the phone or in person. If you’re new to meditation, it can be hard to get clear advice from the higher self and that’s what we are here to help you with.

The sun also just moved into Pisces where it will be until March 20th. This month you will feel more mystical, creative, intuitive and other worldly. Pisces people are unconventional in the way they relate to the world and easily pick up on energy around them so they need to take extra time to clear their energy or wear crystals that help them with that such as black tourmaline or selenite. If you know someone with a birthday this month, that would make a great gift!

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