Metaphysical Nutrition & Decalcifying The Pineal Gland

Alright all you white witches and wizards, are you looking to increase your intuition and develop your clairvoyance? This article is for you! Do you feel drained or fatigued frequently? Do you experience that afternoon slump around 2pm? What if you were able to feel consistent energy throughout the day and feel positive on top of that? When you start to align the systems of your body, the energy pockets stored in your body will activate and help you feel consistently clear headed. First we want to look at the foundation of our chemical makeup, what we fuel ourselves with. We want to eat as clean as possible. It doesn’t have to be extreme but it should at the very least be toxin free. When we eat ingredients that are derived in a laboratory, it puts our body in a tailspin, making it hard to recover emotionally.


Eating a mostly plant based diet can and should taste very good. I recommend getting a spice and herb arsenal to compliment the veggies. If you get some raw greens everyday and make greens the mainstay of your diet, your digestion will improve dramatically, allowing you to feel more clear headed. Another integral part of your diet is the water. Your goal can be to drink two liters of alkaline water daily. This will help keep you from being susceptible to viruses and keep the inflammation in your body at bay! Moreover, for the metaphysical aspirants reading this, it will help decalcify your pineal gland if it’s fluoride free water. You can usually get this from an alkaline water store. Fluoride is added to municipal tap water. You can also look for artesian well water that is in glass bottles if you’re going to buy it but it’s much more cost effective to go to a water store and fill large 5 gallon jugs.

The pineal gland is the gateway to the other dimensions. It is the seat of intuition located in the middle of the brain, it interacts with the pituitary gland to produce DMT naturally. When these glands are decalcified, your intuition kicks on easier. Calcification comes from nano-crystals which form around bacteria to protect themeselves from your body's immune system. There are certain foods you can eat to decalcify the pineal gland and increase clairvoyance.

Here are some things you can eat to decalcify the pineal gland:




Fish Oil



Apple Cider Vinegar


Oregano Oil

Raw Foods and Superfoods like Shilajit, Goji Berries, Coconut Oil and Maca Powder

There are also essential oils you can wear to help stimulate the pineal gland. Check out our frankincense, pine or sandalwood oils. If you really want to up your clairvoyant game, you should eat a rainbow diet of raw foods. Think of foods that correspond to the chakra colors with lots of pigment like grapes, cabbage, pumpkin, kale, banana, pear, oranges and other colorful plants. Raw foods contain a high level of prana (life force) and they help all the systems of your body harmonize. We don’t often stop to think of the systems of the body and how they are all interacting but a superfood diet can certainly help them all function optimally.

Raw foods just means plants that are not cooked. They may be blended or dehydrated but not pan seared, baked or boiled. This means that the cells of the food are still alive when you consume them and the energy in them is still available to you. This means that they are bioavailable and the nutrient density is high. You don’t need to eat as many calories because your body will cease to feel hungry when it gets the full nutrient spectrum.

Supplements can help as well but I would stick to the raw organic ones. Health Force which is available online has my favorite protein powders and supplements. They have lots of superfoods, adaptogens (which balance your hormones) and phytonutrients which are naturally detoxifying. Getting a full amino acid profile from a protein powder like this can help you develop intuition. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, sugar, tobacco and the mercury in large fish when you’re trying to decalcify your pineal gland too!

If you want recipes and meal plans, consider attending my class this Friday 2/24 at 3pm called The Clairvoyant Diet where we will cover how to clear your chakras and emotions with food to increase clairvoyance as well. We go over healthy fats, proteins and help you know what to eat for each meal. I know it can be hard to come up with creative ideas as far as what to eat when you’re cleaning up your diet so I made it easier for you with this class. Your energy will go up and so will your precognition!  

To summarize, eat more raw and organic plants. Get a raw multivitamin and drink alkaline water. If you’re really trying to increase your ability to self heal and heal others, make your food sacred, like a ritual and remember not to take it so serious that you stress yourself out about it!

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