Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius & Capricorn – Diving into Deep Introspection

Retrograde dates: January 14 to February 3.

MANTRA: “The deeper I dive, the more clarity I cultivate.”

When we first hear the word retrograde, there can sometimes be an instantaneous moment of panic. What will break or go wrong? Retrogrades are not only normal, they are sacred periods of time in which we receive an invitation to go within. This month, this is especially true as Mercury, our Cosmic Messenger, joins Venus retrograde. For the next two weeks, two of the closest planets to earth will be asking us to stop, slow down, and take a deep dive into the deepest corners of our psyche.

When plans change, electronics go haywire, and the people around you seem confused—this is the moment to go back to your center and connect with your planets, ancestors, and spirit guides. What are they trying to tell you? Under this rare astrological weather, everything is a sign—the codes and messages are everywhere and want to grab our attention.

While this Mercury retrograde will bring the classical delays, misunderstandings, and frustrations—at a deeper level, it’s a fabulous opportunity to prepare ourselves for the year ahead. In a way, this cosmic event is an extension of the previous year and a huge opportunity to align to a more authentic path forward.

The truth is that this Mercury retrograde might bring some shocking waves in the form of news. These are most likely going to be about money, resources, and material possessions. Perhaps a contract or previously signed deal has to change or is delayed under this planetary influence. But if we look deeper, and from a different perspective, the long-term result could be the ability to gain more freedom. If you do receive news, think twice before making a bold statement. Sit down, ground, meditate, and try to approach the subject from a different perspective. Shift your approach from loss or lack, to one of liberation.

Another signature of this transit is the examination of our boundaries—physical, emotional, and spiritual. When you think about your goals or desires for this year, what needs to change so you can reach them? Or perhaps some relationship dynamics need to shift so you can gain the freedom to pursue them? Since the need to create “healthy boundaries” is a strong theme for this year, don’t feel badly about using this Mercury retrograde to get to the heart of this matter to set yourself up for success in 2022!

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