Fashion Frenzy: Naha's Multipurpose Spiritual Chic

If you haven't met Naha, she is a pillar of House of Intuition. She's a powerful magician and healer that has been with the House since it's inception. She leads the crystal trainings and intuition development course as well so I wanted to pick her brain about multipurpose fashion. As an icon in the spiritual world, her fashion is certainly more than just for looks. There's a hermetic saying 'As above so below, as within so without.' That means, perhaps our sense of style is doing a lot more for us whether we are aware of it or not! 

Q: Fashion can serve multiple purposes in our lives as spiritual beings having a physical experience. Being on expert on crystals, are there any jewelry lines that are your personal favs or do you just let the universe guide you to individual pieces?

My first go-to with crystal jewelry usually starts with a stone that I love, and getting it wrapped in wire and turned into a pendant. I have a small selenite wand that I had wrapped, and a piece of green Kyanite. Selenite is good for the bones and for posture so its nice that it hangs vertically in alignment with my spine. Green Kyanite is a stone for balancing the heart chakra so the chain is long enough that it can hang right over my heart center.

(I have some specific designers that I love that I will list at the bottom)

Q: How do these earthy crystal accessories work as multipurpose fashion?

I find that crystal jewelry is calming and centering. I take a moment to think about which stone or color frequency would be most beneficial to me in the morning when I get ready, based on my mood and my day ahead. In any way that you can be thoughtful in your choices, and make your life more intentional, you serve to take more control over the things that you can truly control, and that leads to less anxiety all around.

Q: How does energy interact with different textile fibers? If you're looking to increase intuition, should people wear natural fibers instead of synthetics?

Intuition is a natural state. Increasing your intuition is really just a matter of letting go of what is not intuitive. In other words, the things that are blocking it like fear, worry, illusion, misperception, wishful thinking, etc. These conditions of mind might be “normal” for most people, but that doesn’t mean they are “natural”. Like attracts like, therefore, a more natural existence – tuned into the currents of nature and its laws, is supported by natural choices in all areas – what you eat, what you put on our skin, and of course what you wear.

Q: Fashion is an expression of self and that means we are expressing our soul too. How can people use their style as magic in their lives and use it to shift their energy?

A lot of the things that I offer at the house are rituals and ceremonies. I always consider the energy or intention when choosing what to wear. When I do the Success and Self Worth Crystal Grid, I wear yellow because it is the color that corresponds to the solar plexus. When I did the Secrets of the Sea grid I wore blue. Colors convey so much, and they help us to identify right away what the tone is of the energy we are working with. Sometimes magic is inner and subtle, and by our outer garment we can have a greater visual of what we are working on.

When I attend the Arboretum Mysticum on Saturday mornings, I like to wear a long robe with a hood. In the Mystery Teachings, putting on a robe is symbolic of donning your magical persona. As soon as I put it on I feel ready to do a magical working. The robe is never meant to be worn outside of the temple. The hood covering the face is symbolic of the release of the ego.

Q: There will be certain days that I randomly change my clothes many times until it feels right and I've found that when that happens, it's always for a reason. Either I matched the person I was meeting or wore clothes that suited an unplanned activity. Have you had fun psychic fashion moments?

One of my students Victoria who attends the Crystal Grid Ceremonies is also an amazing artist who prints her work onto fabric and creates beautiful clothing out of it. She had a vision in one of my guided meditations and then created a print from it. (see link below)

Another student of mine Janelle was inspired by the Tree of Life studies that we were doing and she named her stunning clothing line Ke7h3r after Kether – the highest sphere which relates to Divine Unity, the Crown on the Tree of Life (see link below)

Q: What we really want to know is where do you get your funky spiritual clothes? And what are the clothing lines that you are digging right now even if it's just a fling?

Here are some jewelry and clothing designers I love:

Lalita is Hindu Goddess of bliss and her name means she who plays

IG: @v_keen
Sweat-shop Free Original Textiles and Magical Clothing Produced Locally

IG: @ke7h3r
We are a gender neutral, ethical fashion brand, produced in limited quantity, made in the USA, partnering with to give clean water to third world and developing countries.

IG: @blackwillowjewelry
The Willow is known as a tree of dreaming and enchantment associated with poets and spells of fascination.

IG: @thesacreddimension
Crystal jewelry to inspire people and show them the true beauty that is within and around them.

IG: @melindaleeholm 
LA based jeweler and magical being.

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