Wait Until You Hear These Cool Psychic Experiences

Many people doubt the unseen world exists so I've taken it upon myself to share some stories that are an example of what a psychic experience is. I think you'll enjoy these stories and maybe it will help you look out for some of your own. Many people also write off these small coincidences as not being psychic experiences but the truth is, all these little ones add up and keep you in the sphere of awareness that is your intuition. Most psychic experiences are small like this and paying attention to your own can greatly increase your psychic abilities over time, plus it's really fun!

I'll share a few of my own experiences throughout the years. Not to be conceded but to say, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that precognition is far more than coincidence. This has helped me lean on the other side when I need support and trust that I am actually always right where I need to be with enough information to get where I need to go. This one is pretty funny. My sister was recently in Hawaii with her husband and I hadn't spoken to her on her trip. I had a dream that her husband was sitting in a chair and pouting. She said come on let's go and he responded, but look at my feet! His feet where red and swollen. He said they really hurt. The next morning I texted my sister about my dream and she said that she had a dream the same night that he had tattooed socks on his feet. As if it wasn't strange enough that we were both dreaming about his feet, it turns out he had accidentally walked through a screen door, broken his toe and both feet were cut and bruised! I had no idea he was hurt and didn't find out until he returned from his trip.

The women in my family seem to be connected in their dreams. My mom and I were sleeping in the same room and one night we both dreamed about a guy named Gil. Each Gil was someone different in our dreams but it didn't pertain to our day or anything. That morning I also just happened to ask her what she dreamed about! Another night we both found out we dreamed about being in a camp. There seems to be a shared dream space with family members.

On the full moon July 9th, it was my birthday. It was early in the morning and I dreamed my sister and I were standing on a dock. A giant black whale surfaced which I never see in my dreams. The next moment I woke up and got a notification on my phone that a friend of mine who is a nature photographer had posted on my Facebook wall for my birthday. I laughed when I saw it was a giant black whale surfacing which was a photo he took in Antarctica and the capture said, 'have a whale of a day.'

Here's another little synchronicity. I was in kundalini teacher training, aka school for wizards and the day to do our practicum class had arrived. I looked at the people we would be paired off with. There was about ten people that would be our testers for a group of about 100 people. I had a gut feeling that one person in particular was going to be my tester. Sure enough, when the names were called, guess who I was paired up with. 

Another time I was teaching a class and had a strange experience. There were about 7 people in the class and I kept noticing the energy of one of the students although she wasn't saying anything. I thought to myself why am I drawn to her? It was literally just an energetic connection that seemed significant but I couldn't put my finger on it. I forgot about it and kept teaching. The class ended and she came up to me at the end and said, "this may sound funny but I am really drawn to you and I don't know why!" I laughed when I told her those exact words had been in my mind. It was a nice reminder from spirit that we were on our paths. 

I've had two incredible distance healing experiences too. A friend of mine had their house on the market and was carrying two mortgages. I was very connected to her energetically because I wanted her to be happy and we hung out a lot. The house had been on the market for months and it seemed hopeless. I was at my home at about 10am and I did a meditation asking the universe to sell the house. To my knowledge there were no interested buyers. I received a text at 1pm saying the house had sold that morning!

Later that same year a friend of mine fell off a ladder and his shoulder went out of socket. He was in horrible pain and I called him from work to check in on him. A few minutes after we got off the phone, I went to the bathroom because it was the only private place. I did a meditation visualizing his arm healed and asked the universe to heal his arm. I spoke to him later that day and he said about ten minutes after we got off the phone, his shoulder popped back into place and the pain was almost completely gone!

These experiences may seem minor but they sure keep life interesting and the more we meditate and eat a clean diet, the more often they happen. Besides that, we can learn how to help others with clairvoyance so they can see what is hard for them to see themselves. We have books on developing intuition such as Sonia Choquette's The Psychic Pathway in our libraries at our stores. We also offer a course once a year about developing your intuition which is led by Naha but many of our classes such as our tarot classes can help you use your intuition and guide the energy you have naturally in a useful direction. Our clairvoyant readings can help you figure out how to develop on your spiritual path as well! 

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