Secret About July's New Moon in Leo

The new moon occurs Sunday July 23rd. What if you could dance in a storm because you hear the music no one else can? What if you saw how even when everyone thought things were falling apart, you saw how it was all coming together? July's new moon in Leo has an eruption of energy with it. Most people will not even know it's a new moon and will find themselves highly irritable and volatile. The first thing to note about that is, it's a great day to be ALONE. The magician knows the energy on the horizon is coming and wields it to make something beautiful. Energy cannot be destroyed only transferred so here is how you can use and thrive on this spicy new moon. You must find a way to cool your jets, because the fire within will find a way out if you do not direct it...

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You should exercise on Saturday and let some steam leave your nervous system. You don't need to be around people, just take a run or a hike or do a home yoga practice that is vigorous. If there was any day you need to workout, it's this day. Next is something cool, and this secret could very well change your life. I don't say that lightly either. If you harness the leo fire, you may have a creative breakthrough. Sit in front of a journal or blank canvas and see what comes out. This day is a day of action and if you have an intention, the moon will give you wings instead of burn them. Not everyone is as sensitive to the moon cycles as others but you can be sure that you will see some people losing their cool so do not take it personally and if you notice you are about to get reactive, walk away and wait for the energetic storm to subside. For you, things are looking up. You are going to harness your creative energy and make music with it! The cosmos is there to serve us if we know how to harness it's power. What is on your heart to express? What does society need to heal that your soul wants to be a part of?

The magician can track the movement of the planets and notice how it affects those around him or her. They are in the world but not swayed by the intensity of their own emotions. On this new moon you will find that the aggression within you can let words spill out onto a page or you may come up with a revolutionary idea that changes the course of your life. Get excited because now that you are empowered with this information, you know to retreat and record your ideas! We have a ritual candle for the new moon from Mia Astral if you want to amplify your intentions. Remember, a new moon is a time to start, to plant your seeds and begin to move full speed ahead. 

If you'd like to learn more about how to manifest with the moon cycles. We offer a monthly Moon Box that comes with a custom new and full moon ritual and a kit to perform the ritual. This is all about empowering you to connect to your soul and align with your life's purpose! You came here for a reason and on the new moon, when the veil is thin, it's easier to hear the whispers from your higher self about what that calling is! Additionally, you can learn about the signs on HOI.TV (the moon is in a different sign each month bringing specific energy). We aren't done yet, we are offering you a special new moon magic class on Sunday with our very own Ryan who is an herb, oil and magic aficionado. 

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