Navigating A Spiritual Awakening

Written by Christine 

Recently I met a young professional, a grounded and successful man who runs his own business. When I mentioned that I worked as a tarot reader at House of Intuition, he excitedly replied that he himself was a medium. I asked him how his gift had awakened, and he recounted that it had all started in a cab. During his ride, he was overcome by an urgent feeling to ask the driver about his daughter, and without knowing anything about the man he was speaking to, he was able to give detailed and accurate information about this stranger’s life. Spirit, it seemed, was eager to speak through him and it was as if a floodgate had been opened.

Later he realized that this ability had been with him from an early age, but he had chosen to repress those childhood experiences, afraid and unsure of their meaning. The phenomenon was beyond his comfort level at that time and only now was it beginning to manifest once again. It seemed reaffirming to have someone to talk with about this new found ability, and I was struck by the power of his gift and the urgency with which it had sparked within him. We talked about resources and classes for developing psychic gifts, and I walked away from the conversation feeling elated.

At first a spiritual awakening can be difficult to understand, and it is common to doubt and second guess these hunches at first. We are not taught about intuition, precognition or any other form of ESP in public schools or the mainstream educational system. For some, intuition flows freely and naturally; others must cultivate their gifts through disciplined exercises or practice. Many of us find ourselves in an unknown territory when these inner flashes occur, unsure of how to breach the subject to those close to us and confused about how to interpret the messages received.

If you find yourself in such a situation, know that you are not alone! There are countless ways to approach a spiritual awakening, and each of us has our own path to walk. Our spirits and bodies are completely unique, one of a kind creations having unique, one of kind experiences. For some, quiet meditation might be the perfect solution, while a more active person might choose a physical mode of meditation such as Kundalini yoga.

As a culture, we are beginning to awaken to our inner knowing, and the acceptance of psychic phenomenon is starting to enter the mainstream. I firmly believe that these abilities are available to everyone, and there has never been a better time to discover your own personal guidance system. We are blessed to have thousands of spiritual paths accessible to us, and chances are there is one that is a perfect fit for your personality and lifestyle.

If you’ve been wanting to explore your spiritual side or develop your intuitive powers, check out our class schedule, or ask our wonderful sales people and healers for a recommendation from our book section. Empower yourself with knowledge and discover your own unique path!


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