A Great Class For Starting To Use Cards with Teri

Welcome to the mysterious and magical world of House of Intuition where we use and teach the tools of divination. On Saturday January 21st at 12:30pm you can learn how to use oracle cards with a gifted healer Teri. Teri has always been connected to the unseen realms. She had precognitive dreams from a young age and has been immersed in working with spirit for 20 years. Long before she started professionally offering readings as a clairvoyant, she was consulting people in her community that came to her for advice. She loves to help people connect to their purpose in creating the new earth.

If you have never used oracle cards before, this class will be a fun way to learn how to use them for yourself and for others. You can learn what are called ‘spreads’ meaning a certain arrangement of cards that asks a specific question to spirit. For instance there are decision spreads and past, present, future spreads as well as a Celtic Cross spread which is used in Tarot. I personally do a daily spread every morning for guidance as well as a past, present and future with my oracle cards. In this class Teri will teach you how to do a soulmate spread, a career spread and an abundance spread (just to name a few). If you’re not clear still on what a ‘spread’ is, essentially the location in the set arrangement that the card comes up has a special significance.

If you don’t have a deck, we have a huge selection you can choose from in our library that are very affordable. If you already have one but aren’t really sure how to use it or are confused about oracle cards, just come and work with a professional. Imagine being able to give your friends and family guidance on big decisions in their lives, help them heal their emotions, assist them in letting go of things not good for them or even helping them find a good life partner. If you like helping people, cards are a wonderful and time tested tool. You don’t have to be a psychic to do cards, they work for themselves. In fact, everyone has intuition but some are just unfamiliar with practicing it nor do they know how to strengthen it. Nonetheless, cards speak the language of the soul and connect you to the wisdom of your higher self which knows what is best for you in past, present and future.

If you have qualms about trying cards, you will not be given bad news through them. Spirit brings through empowering messages, not messages about death and disease. I hear a lot of people say, “I don’t want to know the future, that scares me.” I understand completely. The future, as clairvoyants will tell you, is not written in stone however your energy is projecting somewhere and if you want to shift that projection to a more desirable outcome, the cards can assist you in that process. You’ll get to know the cards the more you work with them and they are a great tool to develop your intuition. They will help you access the part of your body that speaks to you in feelings and impressions instead of the linear/logic based side of the brain.

While there are many forms of divination such as runes, I Ching, bone reading, shell reading, face reading, palm reading etc., I feel cards are one of the most accessible for you. There are also a wonderful variety of access points for you based on your personal interests. If you’re an animal person, there are animal oracle cards. If you connect to angels, there are many angel decks. Personally I work with color cards and angel cards. There are sacred geometry cards, crystal cards, faerie cards and other unique subject matter. When recommending which deck to purchase to my clients, I always say that you should pick the one that resonates with you the most. You will probably use it for a while and as you change, find another deck that resonates with you. Just as we don’t eat the same foods all the time, energetically we shift and the way we perceive things does as well.

You may be wondering (if you’re very new to this) how it could help you in your daily life? Well at the core of our existence are our thoughts. The thoughts we have, whether we are conscious of them or not create our experiences by attracting or repelling things from us. When we intentionally connect to the higher frequency realms of angels, guides and ascended masters, we direct our focus to higher ideals and more positive goals. This means that on a very real level, cards can help you activate the law of attraction to your benefit. When you’re tapping into a focus of love, compassion, self care and healing, you will start to experience a shift in the way you treat yourself. Maybe that means it becomes easier to eat healthy, make a decision to take time to exercise or create healthy boundaries with people who don’t have your best interest at heart. It can also help you connect to what your heart really wants to do with your life. Maybe you’re in a job you don’t actually feel passionate about and are looking for clarity from within on a new path. The cards can help you with that too.

The reason I start everyday with cards in meditation is because they add positively to all aspects of my life. They are a tool to connect to our most true self, our soul which is housed by our physical body. They are a reminder that we do not have to go it alone, we are supported by the unseen realms and they are a gift to help you tap into your magical ability to manifest.

Sounds like fun doesn’t it? You can click here to sign up for the class. We have 3 locations, so feel free to visit any of them to buy cards and the class is located at the Echo Park location on Sunset. Finally, consider bringing a friend. I’ve found that cards are a great way to bond with friends and work on important things in your life together while developing something that can help a lot of people.

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