Sunday Morning Meditation with Harriet

Step into a magical space every Sunday and activate blessings to yourself and our world with Harriet’s Star Guided Meditation class. Each class starts out with a theme. She will introduce a subject that her guides inspired her to focus on. Next you will experience a full body relaxation as the senses are soothed with calm music. Prepped for a guided meditation, you will be led by Harriet to enter a new space. In her own words you will, enter higher dimensions of consciousness so that students can deepen self love, gratitude for the earth, and live a life in alignment with their highest self.” During the next part of the journey, in silence you will be able to marinate in this level of conscious expanded awareness, finding gratitude and new pockets of inspiring self love to bring with you for the following week. Here are some of the aspects that Harriet cultivates intentionally in her meditations:

BALANCE. In LA, who couldn’t use more of this? We live in one of the most fast paced and driven areas of the world. Making sure we slow down, relax and not overwork is a crucial part of our health and emotional well being. If you find you don’t enjoy the things you signed up to do and are wondering why, you probably just need more balance. Having balance in your life can also help you attract more balanced people.

LOVE. In a society that seems to believe in an us against them mentality, bringing in a more heart centered approach can create union where there was division. Living from your heart may ease tensions at work, open new opportunities for partnerships and heal old wounds that still sting unnecessarily. Then there’s the obvious romantic component that can be called in as we activate our own self love. Self love is the foundation for healthy relationships and just finding time to eat well, sleep well and think positive about ourselves can be the biggest blessing ever!

PROTECTION. When you are able to surround yourself (at work and at home) with positive like-minded people, your life feels consistently more safe. Protection in a way is about consciously creating boundaries for what we allow into our lives and don’t. Protection starts in our own mind and is a conscious choice. Protection is also about only allowing ourselves to think about positive things and knowing we have a choice. Afterall, anger is a double edged sword and the more conscious we are about protecting our thoughts, the more we experience heaven on earth.

RENEWAL. Connecting to the higher realms of consciousness can help you step out of feeling bad for yourself and get you excited and passionate about your soul’s purpose. Hearing guidance from your soul and higher self can help you feel revived and excited to wake up in the morning. When we shift our perspective to a larger connected spiritual plane, the trivial matters of life (like the day to day tasks of laundry, grocery shopping or even tiffs with partners) fall away as our focus becomes invigorated by our higher calling.

Don’t worry if you haven’t tried meditation before. All experience levels are welcome. Harriet is a healer at House of Intuition who is known as a white witch meaning she works with white light. From a young age, she was intuitive and empathic, able to tap into the higher levels of consciousness to see what could help people heal emotionally. She has a memorably uplifting presence and offers a space that will help you connect to high levels of happiness even after you leave. If this class sounds like something you would enjoy, here is a link to go ahead and sign up! The class happens every Sunday with a different theme at 11am.

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