NEW 22 Major Arcana Magic Candles "Sacred Bearometry" by artist Dr. Tara Logsdon

Major Arcana Magic Candles


We’re excited to announce that this Saturday July 11th, we’ll be releasing our new line of Major Arcana candles, supercharged with the power of the Tarot. Each candle is imbued with the characteristics of a specific card from the Major Arcana. 


The Major Arcana contain powerful archetypes that we can emulate in our lives. Whether you need the freedom of the Fool, the wisdom of the Hermit, or the power of the Magician, the Major Arcana has what you’re looking for. 


Made with all-natural palm wax, these magic candles are dressed with stone chips inside. After the candle’s done burning, these stones become totems you can place on your altar or carry with you as a reminder of your spell. The candles are also available with an oil for ritual anointing. 


Every candle is placed on our altar and prayed over, so they are already infused with magical intention. The candle images are designed by artist Dr. Tara Logsdon, creator of the Bearot divination cards, DIE BEARMY and the Sacred Bearometry project: an art exhibit you can check out this weekend at our Highland Park location as part of the Highland Park Art Walk. 


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