New Arcana Mystics Sprays

House of Intuition is pleased to announce our new line-up of magically inspired beauty goods: our Arcana Mystics toners.

Created with organic ingredients and activated with crystal energy and magic, we’ve been working on these spray mist toners for over a year to create the perfect potions for every skin type.

As we meditated on the different needs we each have for our skin, whether seeking cleansing, balance or hydration, we called upon our faithful Tarot guides to assist us in creating each powerful combination of ingredients.

Five Major Arcana cards came through to help us craft individualized potions to assist not only your skin’s needs, but your Spirit too:

Strength: to help skin glow, bringing confidence & radiance

Crystal: Serpentine

Beneficial for most skin types, especially mature skin needs- helps to soften, brighten and refine the look of dry, dull skin giving a renewed, youthful glow.


All organic ingredients including bilberry, orange, lemon and cranberry are wrapped in a gentle base of aloe to soothe and strengthen.


Serpentine carries the energy of transformation and regeneration to aid both your skin & psyche in shedding unnecessary layers, to reveal your truest, shiniest self.


The power of Strength brings out your sense of inner confidence, flexibility and resilience to guide you through any situation life brings.

The High Priestess: for sensitive skin, to soothe & harmonize

Crystal: Amethyst  

Beneficial for most skin types, especially sensitive skin - helps to calm, relax and harmonize the skin to provide more balance.


All organic ingredients, including lavender, known for its calming, relaxing properties paired with soothing aloe to tone and strengthen.


Amethyst carries the energy of healing and harmony, opening you to your highest wisdom to find more peace and balance from within.

The High Priestess activates your intuitive knowing and ability to draw from your own inner wisdom, to help you recognize your innate sensitivity as the gift it is.


The Magician
: for oily/acne prone skin, to alchemize & shift

Crystal: Lapis Lazuli

Beneficial for stressed, oily, breakout-prone skin- helps bring balance to your complexion challenges to reveal calm, bright, naturally beautiful skin.

All organic ingredients featuring apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil and white willow bark to stop problem skin in its tracks, with aloe to bring soothing relief and clarity.


Lapis Lazuli carries the energy of truth and self-acceptance, raising your vibration to restore innate balance, and is also known to specifically aid skin problems.

The Magician is the transformer, to alchemize and shift both your skin and perspective, to help reveal the true magic and radiance that lies beneath what’s on the surface.


The Sun
: to hydrate skin, for abundance & rejuvenation

Crystal: Blue Quartzite

Beneficial for all skin types- provides an abundance of moisturizing goodness to quench thirsty skin when it feels dry.


All organic ingredients featuring rose distillate in a base of soothing aloe and moisturizing glycerin to supply essential nutrients and rejuvenation.


Blue Quartzite carries the energy of creative expression, helping you communicate your heart’s true desires and shine your brilliant self out to the world.


The Sun is the essence of your magnetic, radiant self, encouraging the energy of joy, success and abundance in all areas in your life.


The Moon
: to calm skin, bringing clarity & balance

Crystal: Howlite


Beneficial for all skin types- helps refresh and calm your skin, bringing more balance and clarity.


All organic ingredients, featuring gentle organic aloe, calming orange blossom, and soothing oat straw to clarify and nurture your skin anytime you need it.


Howlite carries the energy of dreams and inner expansion, helping you raise your vibration to ease stress and tension, promoting serenity and calm.


The Moon is the essence of your inner, intuitive world of emotions, helping you dive within your own subconscious and inner knowing to uncover more balance from within.

Each Arcana Mystics toner features a powerful combination of organic essential oils and is imbued with a specific crystal to enhance each one’s energy.

We believe that beauty is a self-care ritual and wanted to create a line of toners to be used with intention, not only to help you accomplish your beauty goals, but to inspire and align you with the energy and magic you want to bring in each day.

Use them after cleansing, to help balance your pH, minimize the look of pores, and prep your skin to receive your favorite serums and moisturizers. They’re also perfect for setting make-up, or for an anytime refresher for your skin and Spirit.

With so much love and magic put into each uniquely considered mist, we are so excited to finally release our new creations into the Universe, and hope they truly bring delight and upliftment to all your senses.

Our new Arcana Mystics line can now be found online and in all our stores.

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