House of Intuition's Story

In 2010, Marlene Vargas and Alex Naranjo together opened the first House of Intuition store in Los Angeles, CA. After each experiencing a period of loss and transformation in 2007, they were led to find their spiritual paths, and each other. On the road to recovery, they relied heavily on spiritual practices to bring healing, perspective and light into their lives. They dreamt about creating a space that could provide tools to empower others in the same way. A few years later, HOI was born. From humble beginnings as a small shop selling crystals and candles, to their now 8 chic locations around the greater Los Angeles area alongside their first out-of-state location in Miami. They have truly discovered the only limit to what they can create, is how big they can dream.

With an expanding line of magic candles and beauty products, a growing online shop, a popular monthly moon box subscription, and workshops offered by spiritual teachers, both in person and online, House of Intuition is much more than just a metaphysical shop - it’s a thriving community for personal development and spiritual transformation. Alex and Marlene feel blessed with the opportunity to change lives and affect people in such a positive way. May the HOI magic continue to spread across the USA!


House of Intuition candles are known for helping unleash the magic in your own life. Made from 100% sustainable palm wax harvested from Colombia, they are hand-poured, blessed and dressed with magical oil blends specific to your desire. Buried beneath the colorful wax you’ll find an intuitively selected crystal. No two candles have the same crystal, even within the same category - the secret is yours to discover.


Marlene and Alex hand-select HOI’s crystals from trusted sources around the world. Since 2010, they’ve established relationships with vendors in Brazil, Africa, Russia, Dominican Republic, the US and more, to assure we can offer high-quality stones at competitive prices. We choose crystals not only for their beauty but for their energetic properties, to help us ground, uplift, heal, protect and love ourselves (and one another) a little more.






We believe in beauty routine as self-care ritual. Our in-housebath & beauty line was created to help you nurture your whole self- body, mind and spirit. Using magical mixes of herbs, essential oils, salts, sugars, and other high-grade ingredients, our products were made to enhance both inner & outer beauty. Call in love, money, creativity… Remove negativity and blockages… All while you nourish and cherish the skin you’re in.


Purify yourself, and your space, with our Palo Santo. This “holy wood”, rooted in ancient Incan civilization, has been used for spiritual, medicinal and therapeutic purposes for centuries. Alex & Marlene bring our HOI Palo Santo back directly from their yearly travels to South America, where it grows natively, from sources who practice sustainable, authentic harvesting. Burn to clear negative energies or entities, for protection and blessings.


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