New Moon in Pisces 3/6/2019

MARCH 6 8:04am (PST) NEW MOON 15* Pisces

The answers you seek are within you, and this new moon is here to help you find them. With Mercury also retrograde in Pisces, we’re being offered time to realign with our inner voice, reimagine our dreams for the future, and rekindle our connection with Spirit. As you meditate with this new moon, ask for assistance from your guides, angels and ancestors to point you in the direction to the answers you seek. Then quiet down & listen up. The wind will carry their messages along the breeze, you’ll hear the birds sing it, or a coincidence will strike you as not so coincidental. Open yourself to the magic that exists all around you, and most importantly, within you.

We have a beautiful guided ritual and meditation available for the Moonbox subscribers or HOI.TV members. The best way to enjoy the meditation is with the iPhone, Android, AppleTV or Roku app. Become a member today for only $4.99 a month with over 150 hours of high quality content produced by us and created together with our amazing world class healers. Go to HOI.TV to find out more.

For every moon ritual, we also create a custom made music that intuitively resonates with the frequencies of that moon event and zodiac sign. The music playback always over 60 minutes, so you can stay in the zone freely.

Our meditations are created by Jena Coray of Momojo. Read her interview here.




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