Introducing the voice behind HOI.TV's moon meditations

Jena Coray is an intuitive writer, teacher, energy shifter and lifelong creative living the dream with a little family of 3 in Portland, OR. “I’m a 'healer' of sorts but really believe that my role in life is to constantly create and explore healing in myself in order to help others learn how to also become their own self-healers.” she says.

HOI.TV is partnering up with Jena for our moon meditations.

What is your angle for the line of services you offer?

My business is called MO MOJO because I help people access more mojo (magic, delight, joy, creativity, love, passion, you name it!) in everyday life. I do one-on-one energy work sessions, even at a distance wherever you are in the world, where I read what’s present in your chakras and aura and help you clear and transmute it, and pass along any information I receive from your Spirit guidance and energetic system. I believe our intuition is our greatest superpower and that we all have access to its gifts, so I teach and write and share ways to create more trust and daily interaction with your intuition so you can begin to learn how to rely on it as a tool to guide you in everyday life.

How did you get into the world of Metaphysics?

I’m Pisces rising with an Aquarius moon in the 12th house so it’s always been in me :) Ever since childhood I was always attracted and fascinated by weird, strange, mysterious and unseen things, but I also felt envious of those I thought had “psychic” gifts and never considered myself to be one of them until well into adulthood. It was really my Saturn return around 27 years old when I was so overwhelmed and burnt-out from my then business doing marketing consulting and PR for creatives, that I completely changed my trajectory into one of prioritizing my own health and self-care. I found myself seeking out guidance from psychics and astrologers, getting reiki and readings done. It was over those years of plumbing the depths of my own psyche, breaking the patterns from childhood that held me back and unearthing all the subconscious crap, that my intuitive gifts revealed themselves. Self-healing became my work, and eventually, my work became to help others heal themselves as well!    

How did you hear about House of Intuition?

I don’t remember how I first discovered you but I do remember it was love at first site. I know I was led to specifically through Shaman Durek - he hosted a class on there and I signed up. I immediately got the sense of “my name belongs in this list of teachers on the site.” And a couple years later- there it is! 👏

What are some of your favorite HOI products?

I love the magic candles the most. I’m very into following the phases of the moon to empower my own lifestyle, it’s really powerful, and I use the full and new moon candles to keep my intentions in mind and engaged all month long. I also love the citrine body scrub to glow up for the day, and the crystal facial rollers to help clear my lymphatic system (they really help) and make me feel like a queen while I’m taking care of myself. I also use the essential oil sprays and incense daily to uplift my home and spirit.

Why do you think it’s important to dedicate time for a New Moon and Full Moon meditation?

The moon is associated with our emotions and our intuition- two of my favorite things! And when we harness and align with the natural cycles of the moon, it helps us also harness and align with our own natural rhythms so we can better flow with and utilize whatever energy the day brings. It’s so important to take moments for stillness to allow your intuitive knowing to be received, and doing so at the new and full moons is a really punctuating, clarifying time to check in with yourself, your wants, your needs, what’s ready to be born within you, what’s ready to be released… it’s all contained in the messages and energy of the moon, if we just get still enough to listen. It’s my honor to guide people to that place of stillness, of self-inquiry and self-noticing, without judgement, to sense and connect with their own emotional and intuitive intelligence.

How do you approach creating the meditations?

It begins by me researching the astrology around the upcoming moon- what sign it’s in and how it’s interacting with the other planets helps give me insight into what energy I’m going to bring into each meditation. For the new moons, I focus on what are we calling in, ready to create, ready to begin and for the full moons I focus on what are we ready to release, shed and let go of. I keep that info in the back of my mind as I then call on my guides (usually in the shower 😂) to assist me in creating a visualization or exercise that can help move and engage whatever energy we’re working with for that moon. Then I wait for the natural inspiration to come- get a brainstorm, see a vision, hear a phrase to guide me- and then write it all out. Then I try to find a quiet place to record it for you all, which is actually the hardest part!

How can people get in touch with you?

Find me over at and on ig @momojojena, for stories, tips, free tools and encouragement to help you get mo mojo in everyday life!

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