New art collaboration with Tashina Suzuki

House of Intuition has a new project with artist Tashina Suzuki from Portland, OR. For the first time, HOI is offering beautiful, one of a kind, spiritually charged fine-art paintings that can be utilized in your everyday life or in your sacred space. We spoke to the artist about the project.


How did you get into art?

I started painting at around 3 years old - my dad is a painter too so I kind of followed his methods and took it from there.

I studied art at the Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, WA. I dropped out of college to do commercial design.

At some point I ended up in L.A. I worked at the House of Intuition when they were just starting out. I think my spiritual journey at House of intuition really gave me the courage to just jump in and take that risk of starting to do painting full time.

Where did the idea for the Zodiac painting series come from?

The idea came from (HOI's founders) Marlene and Alex. We had been going back and forth about some projects we could do together and the second they suggested this, it was like this spark ignited inside of me and I was all in!

So what can we expect from this project?

I’m creating 16’’x20’’ oil paintings for each sign of the Zodiac. Each painting is a unique one-off piece. I’m also creating limited edition prints of those paintings, because I feel like art should be available for everyone.

The original paintings are all oil paintings on wood with a gold leaf border. They all incorporate the planet and colors associated with the sign as well as sacred geometry and symbolism that supports the energy of each sign.

The paintings take weeks to finish. Before starting to actually put anything down, I meditate and receive messages that I will put into the painting. I also create a mantra for each of the paintings to support the energy that the painting is loaded with.

What uses can you have for a painting like this?

Images are powerful in a way that they can carry a very specific energy. And by hanging a painting in a space, you can effectively shift and control the vibrations in it.

The Aquarius painting is not just meant for Aquarians. It’s for anyone who wants to bring that Aquarius energy into their lives.

For example,the Aquarius energy is very communicative, but also very intuitive and creative.

What are some of your favorite metaphysical tools to use when you create your art?

I always have some crystals on my easel pointing at me when I paint. I switch them around a lot, but usually there is this beautiful candle-quartz point in the middle. And for example right now I have a blue apatite on there, which is a great communication stone. I also have a carnelian on there as well, which is a great creative grounding stone.

My crystals are like my homies who are always there to support me in my art.

I also usually burn some Palo Santo before I start painting and sometimes I burn a little bit of incense when I paint. My favorite incense is copal resin. It’s got such a calming and soothing energy.

Tell me about your relationship with spirituality and the world of metaphysics?

I was raised very religious and I was really involved with the Christian Church growing up. I really loved the spiritual fire, but as I grew older, some fears started to arise. I’m gay so that created a huge spiritual conflict within myself, because I felt like I love the Lord, but I also love women. here was a time when I was scared that I was going to burn forever in Hell, because I felt like I would be eternally judged for the way my heart works naturally.

As I studied and learned more about religion, spirituality and metaphysics, I realized that God is much bigger than the box that religion puts her into. I was also inspired by different tools like tarot, meditation or working with crystals. In addition to my most important source, being in nature, all these are just tools to help me have clarity about myself, my spirit and what my journey is supposed to be.

Tashina Suzuki's Aquarius Painting:


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