Detoxing Breath Work

If you have never done breath work before, it is a fast way to purify the blood and restore your emotions to a more positive state. Breath work, also called pranayama, is a part of yoga. Breathing helps regulate the nervous system. The reason you may feel emotionally off or even lack confidence can be because you are depleted of chi. Chi or prana comes in with oxygen when you breathe (this is life force energy), bringing energy to your nerves and aura. This helps you attract things and feel stronger mentally. I have a daily breath work practice because it makes me feel significantly more positive, creative and clear headed. The rhythm of the breath is said to connect us to the rhythm of the cosmos. 

The first one is a common technique called breath of fire. If you do it for 7-11 minutes it will completely cleanse the bloodstream. Adding energy to your system helps you get out of non-reality (the illusion or maya) because non-reality has no energy. The more you connect to energy, the more happy you are. Breath of fire keeps you magnetically in line with the reality stream which is where energy is. To do this technique, sit cross legged or on your heels. Place your hands on the diaphragm where the ribs meet and push air out of your nose as quickly and forcefully as you can. The inhale will happen naturally. Do this at a rapid pace (think two exhales per second) for 3 minutes to start. You can increase your time to 7 or 11 minutes when you build up your lung capacity and stomach muscles. Do not do breath of fire if you on on your moon cycle or pregnant. 

The second technique is called Sitali Pranayam. It relaxes the body yet keeps you alert. It can help to lower fevers and improve your digestion. To do it, make your tongue into a "U" shape and breathe in through your mouth. Then breathe out through your nose. You can do this for three minutes to help your health.

The third technique is called Sitkari Pranayam. This helps your glandular system which removes toxins from your body giving this breath technique a cleansing effect. You can do this for three minutes as well. Breathe in through the teeth and exhale through the nose.

Finally, is lion breath. This one is done by sticking your tongue out as far as possible so the tip of the tongue reaches the chin. This will help cleanse out those pesky toxins from holiday treats and adult beverages. It's good for your throat and your thyroid. Try not to have a raspy breath but breathe with a lot of gusto pushing the breath over the root of your tongue. 

These ancient techniques are tried and true and you'll feel a difference from them. Some people experience a metallic taste in their mouth from them. I also recommend drinking extra alkaline water to flush your system and try some of our detoxing herbal tea remedies which are organic! You can also add a detoxing salt bath to help your process. We have an incredible selection of bath salts from all over the world. Nature has everything you need to stay healthy and happy in 2019!


You can also see my class Healing Your Heart. In episode 2 I will go through techniques such as Breath of Fire. You can watch it here:


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