Magic is something we specialize in at House of Intuition. We are excited that one of our most knowledgeable herb magic specialists has finally decided to teach what he knows! If you’ve ever stepped in the doors of our cozy home on the hill in Echo Park you may have been greeted by Ryan, our herb expert. He knows candle dressings, oils and candles as well as most of us know how to make pasta. He’s a natural and he’s been around this information, studying it and actively practicing for years. With a background in Chinese Folklore Herbal Magic he has combined other systems over the years to now have a strong working knowledge of this realm of creation.

Abundance Magic Candle

Ryan has a way of making you feel safe no matter what you’re experiencing. If you’re going through a job change, he’s got a solution. If you’re healing from a breakup, he has something for that too. Of course, he works with a high code of ethics and doesn’t do any harm to anyone or mess with free will (this is a big cornerstone of our practice at House of Intuition). Ryan is a bundle of positive energy which is infectious and inspiring, not to mention he’s a walking magic encyclopedia. We know he’s a rare breed so we had to highlight his upcoming Practical Magics and Techniques Series starting this Sunday, March 19th at 3:30pm. His class fee is $20 plus $30 cash for supplies.

Love Come to Me Magic Candle - House of Intuition

You can expect to take home items of magic, each depending on the day. There will only be 12 spots in each of these 5 classes which meet consecutive Sundays. The first topic will be fundamentals and practical techniques, followed by protection and purification the week after. In the third week Ryan will cover love followed by money in the fourth. The final week will be miscellaneous. Ryan has created this class because he knows that there is a lot of information out there about magic and he wants to offer a basic understanding of it that doesn’t overwhelm you. He has a straightforward and easy understand approach that even newbies will get.

You never know, this class may change your life! With love, House of Intuition.

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