October 2020 Astrological Forecast


Simplify making choices in your life. Flip a coin and pay attention to the side of the coin your mind hopes it will land on. That is your intuition.


The main energies this month revolve around truth in relationships and examining our wounds to make choices about our daily lives.  We start the month with the fire of Aries during a vigorous Full Moon on October 1st.  It is an ideal time to channel energy towards passion, use courage to release aggression and fortify grounding in your foundation.  

The New Moon in Libra on the 16th asks you to discuss partnerships and collaborations to mend previous issues.  It echoes lessons about moving forward on your path regardless of the distractions around you.  

With Mercury in Retrograde in Scorpio, sensitivity around previous wounds arise, examine your thoughts and feelings about money and relationships.  Trust what you feel and repair trust in others to see the truth even more clearly.  

The second Full Moon, this one in Taurus on the 31st, centers around releasing whatever is holding you back from feeling secure and blocking you from powerfully manifesting.  It may have something to do with how you feel secure within your family structures and relationships.  You could be prompted to find whatever makes you feel unworthy or valueless (an early wounding in childhood or puberty) that is taken into relationships.  Inner child work is definitely ideal to do now.


Spirit Quartz: Dissipates self doubt to promote kindness and positivity towards oneself and others.

Smoky Quartz: An energy detox stone that transmutes negativity into a high level of awareness and healing.

Iolite: Helps with taking responsibility for one's self by discovering painful patterns that disconnect you from healthy, happy relationships.

*Intuition tips, astrological advice and crystal information were taken from House of Intuition's 2020 Calendar.

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