September 2020 Astrological Forecast


Detox from daily life. Take a sabbatical or extended break from technology, distractions, and responsibilities to create space for your highest good and intuition to thrive. Go on a long walk, take a long meandering drive, or go on a retreat within Mother Nature to eliminate the noise and let silence nurture your true core compass.


September is a transformative month and perfectly timed for our collective soul evolution. Major transits are taking place that push our buttons in such a way that we have to react and make necessary changes. Trying to make and keep plans that involve others can be frustrating and try our patience. We might have strong urges or desires that are unmet or disappointing, leaving us feeling not validated, used or rejected in certain circumstances. As the month builds in energy, take note of what raises your heart rate and leaves you dissatisfied. The planets and the universe are inviting you to get in touch with areas in your life where you can bring power, justice and action. There’s tremendous energy for bringing to light what’s been hidden and what’s gone unaddressed for way too long. We’ve got the opportunity to use wise and balanced speech, to listen and share ourselves, but don’t be surprised if many people ignore these skills and use aggressive or berating tones to get their points across. Take good care of yourself this month by being gentle, strategic and wise with your energy and resources. Use positive affirmations and kindness towards yourself whenever you can, and remember that all feelings are temporary. You have the power to prevail.


Amber Obsidian: Clears negativity and eases the nervous system from over-thinking or excessive worry

Dumortierite: Assists with knowing and speaking your truth for your highest good

Kunzite: A stone that protects and enhances inner joy

*Intuition tips, astrological advice and crystal information were taken from House of Intuition's 2020 Calendar.

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