Our Favorite Oracle Cards Every Healer Needs

You don't have to be a professional card reader to love using cards. We are all healers in our chosen paths if we decide to be. You can be a healer no matter what 'job' you have. When I started using cards for fun in 2010 I didn't know I'd end up offering professional card readings but after giving away so many decks that had helped many of my friends at pivotal moments, I knew cards were an amazing tool for divination. Here are some decks that many healers love. When it comes to picking your own, find what moves you and what you love. You don't have to stick to just one! We offer a wide selection of oracle decks at our store. If you're interested in our favorite tarot cards (based on archetypes) check out our article on that!  

1. The Secret Language of Color Cards - These cards are one of my favorite decks! They correspond to the chakras, include foods, nature elements and words of guidance. For those who don't like structure and operate more on feelings, this is a great deck to help you tap into your intuition. It can also give you simple guidance on how to improve you health because it relates to chakras which you can balance with exercise and diet! Even wearing the colors of a chakra can help balance that chakra and issue. 

2. Medicine Wheel - Everyone can relate to animals because we can see them in our day to day life. This deck is for those who resonate with shamanistic practices and earth energy. This deck has a very thorough guide book so you don't have to have prior experience with totems or animal spirit guides to use it. 

3. Saints & Angels - This was my very first oracle deck and I know it works. I found the same cards would come up when I asked the same questions. When I started offering mini readings to friends and family, the same thing happened. They offer uplifting gentle wisdom from your soul and guides. This deck is also good for those who resonate with saints and angels. 

4. Sacred Geometry Cards - Oh my goddess! This deck is mind blowing. This deck alone could be someone's full time practice as a healing arts professional. It is very in depth and layered with advice for people that really need help seeing what they need to see. There is so much magic in this deck, you'll just have to experience it to see what I mean!

5. Nature's Whispers Oracle Cards - This is one of the most beautiful decks I've ever encountered and the art connects to the faerie realm, nature, goddesses and uses colors to create emotions. This deck to me is all about self love and can help you on your healing journey to find new perspectives. This deck represents the interconnectedness of all things and although it is soft and feminine, there is a lot of power in it's messages.

Come in or call in for a card reading 7 days a week at House of Intuition! Want to learn more? We have in depth classes on cards on HOI.TV! You can also come to our in person classes at our Echo Park location in Los Angeles. 

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