Top 10 Tarot Cards We Absolutely Love

Tarot is a tool to help you access your intuition. It basically overrides the logic side of the brain using colors and symbols to access the high part of you that can see beyond time and space. It's a interdimensional tool that will begin to speak to you over time. I highly recommend practicing it daily to get in tune with the cards. They each come with instructions that anyone can understand. There are many different ways to use the cards for guidance and if you're looking for a way to help people, this could be your thing! Here are some decks that healers are raving about!

1. Psychic Heart Tarot - A friend of mine had this deck and every time I would visit, I couldn't wait for the guidance it offered. This deck is not just surface deep and can really access higher realms of consciousness. The artwork is so advanced that it must have been downloaded from another star system. If you're looking for personal development and evolution towards your soul purpose, this deck is for you! This author also has the psychic tarot deck which many healers use.

2. Starchild Tarot - This new deck has evolved with the new generation. It is a deck that uses light to bring love and understanding to all areas of life. It's spin on the tarot will resonate with indigos and people wanting to spread light through positivity. The images are healing and can help you access your power and magic!

3. Archangel Power Tarot Cards - This is a unique combination of the tarot and archangels. It is a rare deck that my friends and I have used to get through tough times (like when 5 planets are retrograde). Be careful, it's so good that you may find yourself making up new verbs like "I was so six of swordsing." It is full of love and healing energy. Doreen's books are incredible and she has stories in them of people who have undoubtedly experienced angels (including herself). 

4. Osho Zen Tarot - Are you a soul renegade? A passionate person amongst the jaded? This deck will help you unleash and channel your creative energy. It also offers views for love and you'll find the artwork itself will tell you a story you need to hear. Many people fell in love with this deck unexpectedly!

5. Gilded Tarot - This was my first tarot deck and I still use it today! I like the images because they remind me of a fantasy movie like Harry Potter so I can relate to the stories they tell. The cards are detailed and help me make practical decisions. If you know you need to take responsibility for your life, this deck won't sugar coat the advice it offers. 

6. Wild Unknown - For all you wizards, forest nymphs and nature lovers, this deck speaks it's own language. If you have always felt like you live in your own dimension, this book can help you walk in it. For those who are artists, musicians and writers, this deck could help you through points of confusion and unlock your greatest potential. 

We offer card readings 7 days a week over the phone or in person at House of Intuition. We also have a huge assortment of decks available for you in all three of our stores. Everyone can tap into the guidance of their soul and it's fun and easy to get there with the time tested tarot! We also offer classes on tarot online on HOI.TV and in person! 


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