Astrology Forecast I December 13 – Venus Goes Retrograde

By Narayana Montúfar 

We have arrived at one of the most significant weeks of December. One of the most unusual planetary retrogrades begins this week, the retrograde of Venus. Happening every eighteen months, on the dot, the retrograde of Venus is the second rarest after the retrograde of Mars.

Overseeing topics of romance, relationships, aesthetics, money, and art, Venus represents how we experience pleasure in all its forms. As the most ancient Female Archetype, our relationship with her is deep, as her position in each of our birth charts depicts our value system, what we like, dislike—and most importantly… how we attract!

When Venus goes retrograde, something related to one of those subjects will experience a significant overhaul or shift. Venus’ close proximity to Earth also means every single one of us will feel this retrograde, regardless of our sun sign. That being said, all Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) will feel this retrograde more profoundly. 

On Sunday, December 19th at 2:36 a.m. Pacific Time, Venus will begin her retrograde, which will last until January 29th of 2022. Happening in Capricorn, this Venus retrograde could bring issues around money, material possessions, and career goals. After all, Capricorn is an Earth sign whose main worry is building something meaningful that will last the test of time. Ambitious Capricorn brings the CEO vibes to this transit, which is why this retrograde could also have us think about our overall financial strategy, our life goals, and how those relate to the way we make money!

The truth is that Capricorn is not the best zodiac sign placement for Venus, as the Goddess of Seduction finds herself in a little bit of a cold and harsh environment. Ruled by serious Saturn, Capricorn is a get-it-done sign that focuses a lot of its energy on producing. But there is one gift that Capricorn lends Venus during this retrograde, which is… Great Mastery.

So, during the next six weeks, get ready to master the area of your birth chart ruled by Capricorn!

During her retrograde, Venus will merge with Pluto, the Planet of Power and Transformation. Expect a deep need for love and attention during this retrograde—and most importantly, stay conscious around the ways you go about getting it. While kinky Pluto can bring intense sexual experiences, it can also bring power struggles, jealousies, and manipulations.

Pro Tip: During this Venus retrograde avoid marrying, buying expensive items, and getting a make-over.  



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