Full Moon in Gemini | DEC 18 - Bridge between Past & Future  

By Narayana Montúfar 

As this month’s Full Moon arrives a major ending is on the horizon. The Gemini Full Moon, which rises in the firmament on December 18th at 8:36 p.m. Pacific Time, is not only the last Full Moon of the year, it’s the ending of a year and a half cycle!

Since May of 2020, the Universe has been delivering change by bringing powerful eclipses in two of the most mentally driven signs, Gemini and Sagittarius. Since then, we have been collectively shedding old beliefs in order to make room for a more diverse way of thinking. Now, as eclipses move to Taurus and Scorpio, starting in January, we say goodbye to these collective themes to welcome new ones. And although not an eclipse, this week’s Full Moon is here to deliver a grand finale (both personally and collectively) in relation to the themes that began around that time!

As one of the two zodiac signs ruled by Mercury, Gemini carries the archetype of the Messenger. For that reason, the raw power of this Full Moon is set to deliver information in all its forms. Watch your boundaries this week and weekend, as information overload could be the norm in the form of never-ending email chains, texts, long letters, and conversations.

Gossip will also be delivered around this time—so do not believe everything you hear, as it might not be true. During this Full Moon, both of the luminaries will be clashing with Neptune, the Master of Illusion. When Neptune is active the way it is now, psychic and aura protection are definitely in order. 

Another layer to the complexity of this Full Moon is added by Venus, the Planet of Love, Money, and Pleasure. Because Venus starts its retrograde exactly the day after this Full Moon, relationships of all kinds could be on your mind. However, as much as you want to act on the messages you receive—remember, you do not have all the information… just yet.

What’s positive about this Full Moon is that the luminaries will also be making fortunate connections with Jupiter. This means that once the fog clears and the confusion disappears (which will most likely be around next Tuesday, December 21st), we will be able to make decisions from a more informed place. And what’s even better is that those decisions will eventually lead to our growth.   

So, under this Gemini Full Moon, protect yourself, wait, and then act!



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