Weekly Astrology Forecast I Dec 20 – LEAVING THE PAST

By Narayana Montúfar 

Another big week in the sky is upon us! During the days ahead, the Sun will change signs, heralding the beginning of a brand-new season. Read our blog fully dedicated to this astrological event.

This week’s other major event brings us back to a theme we’ve been working with during the entirety of 2021, the Saturn-Uranus square. If you’ve been reading this blog or watching my IG lives, you’ll remember me bringing this theme on-and-off.

As the defining aspect of the year, this clash between Saturn (tradition and rules) and Uranus (freedom and rebellion) has been generating incredible change by shifting our life structures. Little by little, our old paradigm has been slowly collapsing in order to make room for more expression of authenticity and originality.

To figure out how this change-inducing aspect has been affecting you, look back to the days around February 17th and June 14th, which is when this aspect happened previously. What themes came up for you around then? What has shifted in your life ever since? If you have any planets in the Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius), you probably have a long list to show off. 

As the third and final time these planets meet this year comes around this week, the deep-seated changes that began taking shape this year will quicken and lead to big-time ruptures and revelations. If you can relate to this aspect and have already taken the leap, expect to have epiphanies and rewards from the Universe in the form of lucid, aha moments. But if you have been resisting making these changes, the built-up energy around this area of your life may no longer resist the forces of change.

As we stand in the liminal space between the past (Saturn) and the future (Uranus), let’s dive deeper into the meaning of this aspect. To help you attune to this week’s astrology, I crafted some reflection questions and mantras to get your energy flowing around its transformative and exciting vibration! 


Reflection Questions:

Am I making room for my essence to play a bigger part in my life?

What part of myself feels repressed and wants to come out?

What sets me apart from others?

What’s unique about me?


Liberating Mantras for Saturn-Uranus:

“When I embrace change, I set myself free.”

“I am a creative being with a unique journey.”

“I am ready to dive into my future.”




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