New Moon in Leo + 8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal

RITUAL GUIDANCE By Narayana Montúfar 


Astro Significance: this New Moon will be activating your Chiron, the Wounded Healer.

Colors To Wear: Yellow, Orange, and Gold

Crystals To Carry: Yellow Jasper, Carnelian, Red Jasper & Orange Calcite

Activated Chakra To Focus On: Heart Chakra

HOI Candles To Light: Bad Spirit Remover Candle & Healing Magic Candle

This upcoming New Moon in Leo is uniquely impactful in that it occurs exactly on the day of a major celestial event known as Lion’s Gate.

This yearly occurrence is a combination of astrology, numerology, and energetic principles. In terms of energy strength, the Sun is in one of its most powerful placements, as it is the natural ruler of Leo. In numerology, 8 is the number of infinity, and it also carries a regal power of achievement. For this reason, 8/8 has been widely celebrated by many different cultures. During this time of year, the star Sirius, one of the shiniest stars in the firmament, becomes visible.

And while the fact that this Leo New Moon is happening on 8/8 does energize this year Lion’s Gate portal, there are other factors at play. During this lunation, both the Sun and the Moon are opposing Saturn and squaring Uranus, while forming a trine to Chiron. This overall combination makes this lunation a vehicle for big clarity breakthroughs and meaningful a-ha moments. Rather than manifesting, this New Moon in Leo is about more receiving and channeling information that will be key to our 2021 growth and evolution.

 As an archetype, Leo knows that true manifestation can only come from the heart—after all, this is the part of the body that Leo rules. At a surface level, this lunar event could stress some of us out by rocking our world. But beneath the surface, both, our conscious and subconscious Self are asking us to explore some of the heaviest parts of ourselves so we can turn them into power. Instead of helping us initiate something or attract something, this New Leo Moon wants to see us heal and receive.


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